Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Forehead Acne

Continuing my post about cheeks acne, I try to write more about forehead acne. Forehead is one part of our face which has more sebaceous glands and tends to breakout. Whereas we know that acne leaves scars on the skin and that it’s hard to cure both the acne and its scars. However, we still can do our best to prevent the breakout if we know the tricks. Here are some things that might be included in your check and hopefully will help to cure the forehead acne by eliminating its causes.

  • Oily hair may be a factor contributes to the forehead acne. Sebum come from the scalp can migrate to the face if your have hair hanging over your forehead. Thus, the oil easily gets into the pores and trigger acne if it combines with dirt and bacteria. Washing your hair more often may reduce the risk since it will help controlling the oiliness and then indirectly control the acne as well. Besides, if you know that your have oily hair type, choose the shampoo for oily hair.
  • The hair products may also be a cause of breakouts if you are prone to acne. Sometimes we need to set the hair using spray or gel. Then the spray spreads over the forehead and blows up the acne. Check the ingredients of these products since many sprays and gels contain comedogenic substances. These may potentially worsen acne breakouts if mix with oil from your hair.
  • Check the sequence of your bath routine. Shampooing shall not be the last step of your bath time since some shampoos and conditioners contain comedogenic ingredients. If we do facial wash at the beginning and then cover up the pores again with shampoo in the end, then the face cleansing is useless.
  • Some sources say that people with acne prone skin on the forehead are partly caused by liver congestion. But, we can not say that all people with liver problems always have forehead acne. There are a lot of people who have done liver cleanse say that their forehead acne is getting better. Why? In general we know that liver's job is to cleanse the blood from toxins. So if you have a strong liver which can quickly deactivating and clearing blood from any toxins, then you may have a stronger defense of acne.

Those are few causes that I know. I hope you enjoy and get benefits of it.


rhaindropz said...

thanks for sharing this hun =)

mapple said...

@rhaindropz u're welcome and thanks for reading :)

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

wow.. great info..
hmm.. I'm no longer suffering from forehead acne.. (thank God..)
the scars were long gone.. but I noticed if I put my hair bang upfront for a while, my face will get itchy and sometimes breakout.. so I use hairband now..^^

mapple said...

@Ceecile, yeah using hairband is another good option to keep away forehead from dirty oily hair. Thanks ^^

rhaindropz said...

hi hun,

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love lots,

forehead acne suffer said...

thanks for great info!
i suffer of forehead acne and i tried many treatments, but it didn't help.
i think i will try and your solution.
good luck!

Katie said...

When I had a lot of acne on my forehead, I tried changing shampoo brands. Turns out, the shampoo was too strong for my skin. I switched to a milder shampoo and immediately cleared the acne on my skin. Yay.