Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hanbang Boyun Sleeping Mask

Entering my 25, I plan to pay more attention on anti-aging skincare. My skin type is oily, but since few months ago I saw a slight change of my skin condition. It became drier than it used to. Usually I wake up with hardly oily face in the morning. But that’s not happen anymore lately. As my pre-caution step, I started to apply more moisturizer on my face.
Finally I decide to try Boyun Sleeping Mask as an additional care for my skin. I’m not talking about eye cover we use to block the light. This is a kind of facial mask which is used as the night skin care regime to nourish the skin during the sleep. The mask won’t dry or tight on our face since its texture is a bit similar to common moisturizers. The mask dried quickly and do not stain my pillow. I can sleep while the mask working to nourish my skin. It’s very suitable for me who often too lazy to do masking routine.

The mask comes in a tube of 120ml. It has a light creamy texture. Applying it on is easy. At the last step of night regime, apply an even layer of sleeping mask and then take a sleep. It has a light floral scent. I don’t feel any relaxing effect since the fragrance is very mild and hardly smells. Once being applied, I can see a thin layer of mask seems “wrapping” my face. The appearance is just like when I use peel-off mask, but this is thinner than the peel-off and doesn’t tight. Afterwards, it feels a bit sticky everytime I touch my face.
I wake up in the next morning with oily face and I rinse it off with tepid water. I don’t think rinsing with lukewarm water can clean the remaining of the mask. So I use facial wash before continuing to my day skin regimen.

It stated ‘Okyongsan’ and ‘Kyungokdan’ as its active ingredients. I don’t know the real meaning of the words but I guess those are active substances occurred by extracting some Korean oriental herbs. Okyongsan is good to brighten the face while ‘Kyungokdan’ can effectively tones unbalanced skin and especially good for tired, rough, damaged and dry skin which is getting old. Both ‘Okyongsan’ and ‘Kyungokdan’ act together to restore the skin elasticity while moisturizing to provide anti-aging solution.

I am happy with this mask since it gives me a visibly result. My skin looks healthier, supple and more radiant. It’s good to restore my tired skin to its best condition.

I use this sleeping mask alone as my night regimen. Actually you can just go with your normal night care routine unless you have oily or acne prone skin since this might be too rich. Try first to apply this mask individually unless you need extra hydration.


rhaindropz said...

wow.. hope i could try it too =)

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

oh, so you bought the hanbang boyun sleeping mask?? I wanted to buy it too, after reading your review..^^ does it make your face oily afterwards?? my face is oily.. >_<

mapple said...

@rhaindropz hi! ya sleeping mask is so unique^^
@ceecile yaa .. I like it so much ^^ .. I wake up in the morning with my hardly oily face. But after I wash it and put makeup, it goes to normal condition like it used to

Miss K. You said...

Hey mapple, good to hear you found a good sleeping mask! I definitely need to invest in some more skin care products these upcoming years :p

mapple said...

Hi Miss K. You, thanks! I've wished for a sleeping mask long time ago. I'm happy to have it^^
Ya we need to take care of our skin before it's too late hehe ..

Miss K. You said...

=) Yes I agree! P.S. Come pick up the Beautiful Blogger award from my blog!

mapple said...

wow .. actually I put you in my list of blog awardees but I have not posted the article yet. By the way, thank you so much. I appreciate it^-^

BT said...

Hi mapple,
This seems very interesting as you mentioned it is similar to peel off mask looking. I have tried Laneige one, it's more like a gel moisturizer, while western's one is like a cream/balm moisturizer.

mapple said...

yeah, for me it looks like a thin plastic layer on my skin. I wish I can try Laneige too. Dodoclub's contains so many oriental herbs. It's worth to be tried :)

LyNn said...

nice review.
i have been searching for a sleeping mask for quite some time!
where to buy and how much ya?

mapple said...

Hi LyNn, thanks for dropping by^^
This is from Dodo Club company. I bought it from I don't know how much the cost of the sleeping mask only. Maybe you should contact the seller for the detail^^