Monday, November 21, 2011

Makeup Remover Tissue: Biore vs Purederm

I used to get problem whenever I tried to remove my eye makeup, especially mascara. In the evening, I used cleansing milk as a makeup remover before foam cleanser. I found that the cleansing milk really stings my eyes if some of it accidentally enter my eyes. Though I always tried to do it very carefully, my eyes always sting and red. Therefore I decided to buy another makeup remover that is more friendly to my eyes. So when I went to shopping center and found Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheet, I immediately bought it.

It is cotton sheet drenched with cleansing oil to remove makeup. The sheet size is actually quiet small. Only about 10 x 12cm. But it is enough to clean my whole face. Eyeliner pencil can be removed easily. While mascara needs to be swiped for a few times to be removed completely.

The cotton sheet itself is thick enough hence make it easy to be wiped without tearing the sheet. It leaves my skin feels clean and moist. It really helps to easily remove my makeup.

Besides, I also tried Purederm Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissue. Just similar with Biore Cleansing Oil cotton sheet, it is also a makeup remover wipes. The sheet itself is wider but a bit thinner than Biore’s. The cotton fibers are also more fragile.

I can’t really see a difference about the cleansing abilities between Biore and Purederm. Both of them are the same. They remove most of my makeup with one swipe but take a little more effort to get rid whole traces of mascara and eyeliner. Unfortunately I don’t have any waterproof makeup, therefore I can’t see how they works with waterproof makeup.

About the price, Purederm are cheaper than Biore.

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