Friday, July 09, 2010

Etude Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling

This is a unique item from Etude House: Enzyme Pack Peeling. It is a pack (mask) and peeling included in one product. Actually I was going to buy Magic Bubble Peeling, another peeling product from Etude. But when I visited the store, the sales advisor told me that the item has been discontinued, and then she showed me the Enzyme Pack Peeling.

Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling
(Nutrient Rich Yogurt Gommage Peel)
Gommage treatment with enzyme & yogurt to exfoliate and nourish complexion and remove oil, dirt and excess.

How to Use:
Dispense and apply solution to face. Allow product to absorb into skin by gently patting and leave on. After solution has completely dried, gently rub off with hands. Rinse excess off with warm water.

Size 115ml

The texture is milky white, smells fresh like yogurt, and applies like emulsion. It will dry within few minutes and forms a thin film on your skin. It dries but doesn’t tighten up the skin. It doesn’t sting me as well. While other peeling product is usually to be used after cleansing, this solution is to be used before washing face.

The unique side of this product is: to remove the pack, we shouldn’t rinse it off with water, but rub our hands over the skin. While rubbing, we can get small pieces of the product start come off. The remaining pieces of products may stick into hair locks. So we better use it before washing hair to clean the pack residual which sticks into hair as well.

It comes in heavy glass bottle that is just like other products from Korea: cute and girly. I always glad to see those cuties on my beauty shelf. Unfortunately the bottle spout isn’t too user friendly. I have to shake the bottle several times to get enough for my whole face.

My complexion looks clear and more radiant every time I use this product. It is good enough to remove dead skin cells. Even my nose, my face part which usually tends to easily get blackhead, looks clear and smooth. But for blackhead that is deeply embedded, I don’t think this solution could help to remove it.

I’ve been using the product for more than two months. So far the effects are:
  • It keeps my skin free from blackhead
  • My acne scars are a bit reduced
  • Skin becomes smoother after usage, but the effect isn’t long lasting

My skin looked reddish due to scrub product that I used several months ago. Therefore I had to stop using any peeling or scrubbing product to cure the reddish. But this product is gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin. Now I can do peeling treatment without having my skin gets red.


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