Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lovely Blog Award & Hanbang Sleeping Mask Update

Again I received a blog award from the sweety Sheri^^ Thanks dear!This one is so simple, I only need to pass it to 17 other bloggers. Here is the award:

I would like to pass the award to these lovely girls:

Dear girls, please kindly take it unless you have received the same award before^^

Next, just want to share about the story of my Hanbang Sleeping Mask. This is my current favorite product. It has been successfully improve my skin texture. My skin looks smoother and firmer. Besides, it also makes dewy shine.

I use it every night. Actually I don't know if it is allowed or not, but I can't resist myself to take the best treatment everyday. My skin is not as oily as it was, thus I can be more freely use the sleeping mask without worrying of the over-oily that leads to breakout. But I'm not sure about the effect on you who have oily skin.

Other effect that I notice is that my skin become more friendly to the skin products. I mean, it absorbs the cream/lotion/whatever products better than it was. Only I still have the scars and uneven skin surface that caused by acne on the past. Whereas I hope the sleeping mask will do a wonder job in curing my scars problem.

see the broken tube

The only thing I dislike is the fragile packaging. Suddenly the tube's cap broken so that I need to make an emergency seal using rubber. Maybe the Dodoclub company reduce packaging cost to give a good price for the consumers, but giving a fragile packaging is not a good idea either. My Dodoclub bb cream's tube is also broken. I'm affraid the content will be broken when they are exposed to the open air.


poetry levianny said...

congratulation mappleee!!

mapple said...

@poetry .. thanks :D

Blair said...

Thanks for the award, mapple dear! =D

Ooooh, I'm so tempted to try Hanbang Sleeping Mask after reading your review on it! I'm too lazy to use skincare at night, I wish I'm as diligent as you haha~

mapple said...

@Blair .. thanks for visiting me^^ The sleeping mask is nice, just try it :)

Citrine said...

I am afraid of peel off mask now since it actually stretch out the pores on me (and it takes forever for it to be not as visible) and sometime it just ended up not removing anything at all. I think I like clay mask slightly better.

Thanks for the award.

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

congratz for the award, mapple! ^^
oohh.. sleeping mask.. temptation..temptation, hahahaha.. ^^
but why is the packaging that fragile ya?? hmm..

Geneys said...


mapple said...

@Citrine .. yeah I'm also not a fan of peel-off type masque ^^
@Geneys u're welcome ^_^

Anonymous said...

hey I'm wondering where I can purchase this ?? thanks

mapple said...

@Anonymous Hi^^ I bought it in