Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BRTC Jasmine Water

Again I'm on bb cream craze. I have been using BB cream since 1 year ago. I like how it helps me to reduce my acne and gives me much better skin look. My naked skin texture is not too good. Some acne scars, big pores, and uneven skin tone are really bothering me. BB cream helps me to cover them all. Actually it doesn't instantly give me a perfect skin look. Heavy scars won't be covered perfectly, but it's still acceptable for me. Besides, it last quiet awhile. I only need a pea size amount to cover my whole face properly. That's why I love bb cream and I think I will be a loyal user for long term.

Mostly problem on BB creams I get is about the hard blending caused by too thick texture. I solve it by putting moisturizer before bb cream. The other is the poor coverage. If so, I try to apply more layers. If that doesn't work, I try to apply other thicker bb cream on top of it. Another girl says that she uses concealer before bb cream and that works. I have a concealer but I am too lazy to try that tips^^

The other problem is when the bb cream looks dull in the middle of the day. It happens when my face produces too much oil that makes me needs to do a lot of blotting. I try not too often blotting. It dissolves my loose powder and bb cream.

Usually I put moisturizer, bb cream, and finish it by dusting with loose powder. It will look a bit fake at the beginning, but soon afterwards bb cream will settle down to adapt my natural skin tone. So it will be like a no-makeup look. People still may see some uncovered scars. But it has been reduced a lot.
Some girls complain that they break out on bb cream. I personally also get that sometimes. The major cases come up when I put wrong moisturizer. A too rich moisturizer will lead me to break out. The other cases happen when I don’t cleanse my face properly at the end of the day.

Recently I get BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream. Instead of buying the full size, I take the sample jar. As you know, BRTC's range of price is quiet wow. I don't dare to take risk of unsatisfying result after wasting a big amount of money. So I decided to make a trial run first.

The BRTC Jasmine Water is a triple function BB cream that gives a glowing skin tone through brightening, sun protection, and wrinkle care. Unfortunately it contains only SPF30 with no PA. We may still need to use extra sunscreen if we want a complete protection of sun ray.
After applying toner and moisturizer, I applied the BRTC BB cream. Its texture is a bit thick but easy to blend. The cream smells like jasmine and seems “rich”. However it just feels so light. I love how it feels as I wear nothing on my face.


The shade is slightly pinkish but naturally finished. The final result is matte and like air-brushed look. The oil control is medium. I get shiny on my nose after two hours.

The coverage is medium. At the moment I have some pimples looking bump on my face. The BRTC helps me fading it out but they are still visible. I think the Feverlet HD does better work in hiding skin imperfections.


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

great review! but it's causing pimple on you?? oh dear.. that's too bad.. I'll go straight to feverlet hd instead.. ^^

mapple said...

@Ceecile, nope .. the pimple I talked about was not caused by brtc. I only shared that sometimes bb cream leads me to break out if I use wrong moisturizer ^^

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

hoo.. I see.. ^^
it's true that moisturizer really holds the key role for our skincare regime.. if you skip it or make a wrong choice, wah.. =(

*~kAy~* said...

Thanks for this :)
I only have one bb cream and its by legere... :) I'm seeming to like it though :)
I'm curious to try other brands :)