Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Skin Food Hop Beer Hair Wash

A girl in female forum I join told me that using cheap and inexpensive shampoo may cause the hair is contaminated by silicone. Silicone (known as dimethicone) is added to give smooth appearance. Regular shampoo usually can’t fully wash the hair to rid the buildup of hair products that can remain in our hair. Buildup may also occur from conditioners, hair spray, hair gel, chlorine, and other styling products. As the result, hair may look dull after a while. Therefore, we need to sometimes wash our hair with deep cleansing shampoo to get rid those impurities.

I got three samples sachet of Hop Beer Hair Wash from The Skin Food as gift of my purchase. It is shampoo which is enriched with beer extracts, keratin protein, rosemary extracts to thoroughly cleanse scalp, nourish hair, strengthening hair, and provide intensive treatment to damaged hair.

Product Description
Good for all hair types, but especially hair-loss, this new shampoo rids hair of product buildup environmental impurities.
Hop Beer Hair Wash clears and clarifies the hair while Beer, Copper peptide, Vitamin-H and Herbal Extracts nourish and protect it.

Apply a spoonful of shampoo to wet hair, and massage to foam. Rinse thoroughly.

Size 240ml

The product texture is sheer, light-brown colored, and has strong weird scent. It smells like herbal or traditional medicine, nice but a bit weird. Some people may dislike the fragrance, but for me, it makes my washing time become fun. The aroma is pleasant and relaxing (at least for myself :p). It foams quiet much unless you pour a very few amount that is not enough for your whole hair.

As per the description, the product claims to cleanse hair by removing the build-up of hair products. Removing these impurities will allow hair treatment and styling products to work more effectively.

I personally don’t really aware whether it works to remove hair impurities or not, but my hair locks indeed feels lighter, more bouncy, clean, and actually a bit dry when I use the product. Besides, it also makes my hair become softer and more manageable. I personally don’t get any complaint such as hair loss or anything else while using this product.

The smell could be nice for some people, but could be very disturbing for the others since it is quiet intense. I still smell the aroma at the next day, and since I like it, it’s a pleasant thing for me. But for them who don’t like traditional medicine smelling, this could be annoying.

That’s all that I can share. Unfortunately I only got few samples, so actually it’s hard to say if it will be good for long term use or not.
I do a little search and find that copper peptide is indeed known to treat hair scalp and prevent hair loss. Unfortunately I don’t buy the full size product so I can’t test whether it works or not.


Fifi said...

I'm very curious about Skin Food hair products! I might as well buy this in full size, it sounds very interesting. Where did you get your free samples from? :D

mandy said...

That sounds like a shampoo for me! lol I have a lot of hair loss >__< and oily hair.
Thank you for the review :]

mapple said...

@fifi, I think I got that from chic princessa (couldn't remember it well). Actually I just thought to buy the full size as well after reading 'dimethicone' in my loreal shampoo ^-^
@mandy, thanks for reading :D

Beautyknot said...

Hi, you're back!
I tried this before but didn't get used to its fragrance. Lately I'm in love with Japanese hair care. "v

Hair Loss Products said...

This BlogSpot is telling all regarding the cheap and inexpensive shampoo. This cause the hair is contaminated by dimethicone.

galleryibu said...

i am tempted to try korean brand shampoo. still can't choose between this one and skin food pomegranate. is this really smell like beer?

mapple said...

@galleryibu, the shampoo smells strong like jamu. If you know indonesian herb medicine called 'urang aring', in my opinion it smells like that