Monday, July 05, 2010

The Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream

After having the Aloe BB Cream, I bought the other variant of The Skin Food: Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream which offers three functions: whitening, anti-aging, and sun block.

This is the product description
Functions as a make-up and skin-care in one. Acts as a foundation that covers blemishes and evens out skin tone. BB Creams are known to increase skin regeneration. Has Whitening, Sun Protection and Anti-Aging properties!

Size 50ml

The product comes in squeeze tube with cute label. It has runnier consistency compared to Aloe BB Cream. But for me, the texture is not easily blended hence I still need to apply moisturizer. I can see dry patches if I use it without moisturizer. It also has nice smelling like raw herbal.

I take shade #1 which is brighter than #2. The color appearance looks pinkish but ashy compared to Aloe BB Cream which is also pinkish but looks more radiant. The product helps to even out the tone but unfortunately doesn’t work well to hide the pores.

I have been using this product for several months. So far it doesn’t build problem with my skin as long as I use it in a proper way: don’t leave the skin with BB cream longer than ten hours, always cleanse the face properly after usage, and never go bed with BB cream on my face.

Due to the poor coverage, I mostly use the product as base layer before use Feverlet HD. As per my review, I said that I broke out using Feverlet HD though it gives a very nice appearance. Applying Mushroom BB cream under Feverlet HD helps me to avoid breakout. Besides, the fair shade #1 of the Mushroom BB cream is suitable enough to be combined with Feverlet which also has light shade.

I find that the oil control is less than Aloe. But if I use it together with Feverlet HD, the oil control is better. Upon the application, my skin used to be dewy at the first two hours. Then, it changes to be much well after I blot. The appearance looks nice and natural. But it goes to be shiny after six hours. The oil control is worse and gives me greasy looking if I use it alone without Feverlet HD.

I’m actually not satisfied with its coverage. But the SPF and PA+ in it is a good reason for keep using it. Beside, it doesn’t give me any breakout. Based on my experience, BB creams from The Skin Food is friendly for skin. It doesn’t leads to acne or blackhead as long as I use it in proper way.

Other features in it are to whiten the skin and acts as anti-aging. Though I have been using it for several months, I can’t say anything to prove that it works or not. But actually I don’t really care with the product claims. As long as it doesn’t lead to breakout, it’s fine by me.

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