Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream

I have been using The Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream for about one month. So I think this is the time to review it!
My skin type is oily combination. But it tends to dry lately, especially after I have air condition in my bedroom. Therefore I need a more hydrating moisturizer which will not lead me to breakout.

Actually I already fell in love with Skin MD Shielding Lotion which I got for free (The Skin MD’s representative asked me to write a review about it). Though it can be used for body, face, and hand, I use Skin MD mostly for my face and it was nice. It is hydrating, not greasy, feels light, and the best thing, it doesn’t breakout. But it’s hard to get it again. It is not being sold in my country. I tried to find it in Singapore, but the price is quiet expensive. So I decided to try another product. And finally I came to the Lettuce & Cucumber line from The Skin Food.

I was pondering between the emulsion and the water jelly cream. Finally I chose the Water Jelly Cream since I wanted to ensure that my skin hydrated well.

This is the description of the product:
A refreshing, moisturizing gel cream that contains lettuce and cucumber extracts. It provides prolonged hydration to skin in the summer or in air condition room, keeping it clear.
Part of the intensely hydrating Lettuce & Cucumber range, the nourishing gel-like cream utilizes Nano Technology to aid in the faster absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Employing aquaphylin for maximum skin hydration, the Water Jelly Cream drenches skin in rich moisture to keep skin clean, clear and wonderfully hydrated. It is recommended for dry and aging skin types. This gel-type cream whose cool water is slowly absorbed into the skin, keeping your skin moisturized for a long period of time, and that contains minerals and vitamins

Size 50ml

I think the name is very suitable to describe the product texture: it is indeed creamy and jelly, light and fresh as water. The ‘cream’ itself is greenish milky white. I currently use it as my day moisturizer before applying BB cream. It helps to provide hydration to my skin without having my face gets oily and greasy in the middle of the day.

I use it after cleanse and tone my skin. Apply generous amount on face, rub softly, and gently press the palm of my hand for absorbs better. Upon application, there is fresh and comfort feeling. I don’t notice any disturbing fragrance.
This product is good for me. As I said before, it hydrates without bring on more pimples. It is indeed refreshing and not sticky at all.

The complete line of Lettuce & Cucumber Water include: Lettuce Cucumber Massage, Emulsion, Matte Finish Gel, Mild Pact, Toner, Water Drop Essence, Water Essence Mask Sheet, Water Jelly Cream, Water Jelly Essence, Water Mist, Watery Base, and Watery Foundation.

I am interested to have the essence too. It’s confusing because they have the ‘Water Drop Essence’, ‘Water Essence’ (without ‘drop’ in it), and ‘Water Jelly Essence’. It will be hard to decide between three of them.


Fifi said...

Ahh. Great review.

I use the lettuce & cucumber emulsion and it's okay. it doesn't improve my skin condition nor make it worse, so i'm not repurchasing it. but as a moisturizer, it's nice and it's not greasy. :)

Shilka said...

Oh, does it smell like cucumber too? I love all cosmetics with cucumber smell.

BTW I find it awesome that you review a product after using it for a significant amount of time - too many reviews lately in which the product is only used once or few days ;)

mapple said...

Fifi^^ .. I was thinking to buy the emulsion too. But my experience with Peach Sake emulsion was not very nice. It didn't hydrate properly, so I took the cream instead.

Hi shilka. Yes I think it smells like cucumber :p
actually I used to review a product when I just bought it. And finally I realized that my point of view may change after some time. I'll try to be more objective to write a review by letting myself to wait for some time before making a judgement. Anyway, thanks for reading ^^