Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peel So Good Foam Cleanser (Enzyme Peel)

My friend told me that she found a new peeling product line from Etude. Therefore both of us ordered the sample just to make a try.
It is Peel so Good Foam Cleanser. It has three variants: Diamond Peel, Enzyme Peel, Natural Peel.

Diamond powder / Enzyme / AHA, BHA formulated facial foam cleanser supplies a through cleansing with a smooth peeling of dead skin cells.  

How to use
Apply to wet face and lather. Massage throughly and rinse with warm water.

Strength of Peeling: Natural < Enzyme < Diamond

I chose the Enzyme Peel sample. It comes in blue sachet. 

The foam looks like transparent sheer gel that has many tiny beads. The beads is not melting on skin when being rubbed. I really can feel the beads scrub my face. The foam itself doesn’t really foamy. But small amount can handle my whole face.

The result:
It slightly reduces whitehead and makes my skin looks cleaner and smoother. But my skin goes a bit red after use it whereas I apply it lightly!

I wouldn’t buy the full version as it seems a bit harsh for my skin.

  • Though it is foam cleanser but it is not a foam you can use daily. Use it once or twice a week
  • Always follow up with moisturizer to avoid your skin gets dry after use this
I have tried another peeling product from Etude that also has that "enzyme peel" tagline. One that I used before was the Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling. You can read the review here.


Skin Care said...

Your blog is fantastic with interesting posts and products, thanks for sharing with us.

Ningrum said...

Hello yellow,
I was searching for product reviews and found your blog!

And I'm curious about Peel so Good, too, so it's good to see your review! Thanks!


mapple said...

@skincare, thanks for reading my blog ^^

@ningrum, hey thanks for dropping by. I hope my review gives you a better sight about the product :)

Anonymous said...

Hey..wat a great review!!!but im kinda curious...it is a face wash rite???so why cant use it daily???:-D

Anonymous said...

Hey..what a great review!!!but...may I know why I cant use this cleanser daily???its confusing me cuz I thought its a facial cleanser???