Friday, December 11, 2009

Feverlet HD BB Cream

After finishing some sample packs of Feverlet HD, I’d like to make a review. This is one of the best finish result bb cream I’ve ever tried. It creates radiant healthy look skin, even when I have bumps on my face.

The texture is pretty thick and the shade is fair. Squeeze out a pea-sized amount onto your finger and dotting the product evenly over your face. Just be careful to not squeeze too much or you will end up with very pale skin tone. Put on a light layer and blend it in to get a right tone.

I like to put moisturizer under the bb cream to ease the bb cream application. The coverage properties is quiet good. It evens out the skin tone and covers up the blemishes. It leaves the skin to be natural and not cakey.

The benefit of Feverlet HD

With SPF 30 PA++
As an improved generation of the previous version, the Feverlet BB cream which has no sun blocking properties, this is a nice thing to have. I personally prefer BB cream with decent UV protection. Thus I don’t need to worry about the harmful sun rays and use separate sun block.

Great Final Result
I have a lot of red acne scars and some pimples along my jaw line, and this product really helps to even out my skin tone and blur the bumps. I love how it gives me fair and healthy look. Even in the middle of the day it doesn’t look dull.

Good oil control
It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. I do blotting oil for several times a day, but it gives minor bad impact for the appearance of my makeup. I still get healthy radiant look, even in the middle of the day.

Generally I love this bb cream. But I have to stop using it since I realize that I often get bumps after use it a day long.


Miss K. You said...

Mapple! How are you? I see you 're still trying out new products for review :) I will have another giveaway very soon for the new year, hope you can join that one!

mapple said...

hi miss k. you ^^ Yes I tried some new products lately. Nice to hear that .. I will join your upcoming giveaway :D

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

ohmygosh it's feverlet hd!! I've always wanted this bb cream.. XD thank you so much for the review, mapple! ^^

poetry levianny said...

wwwooow racun baru lagi ini sist hahaha

*~kAy~* said...

Now this one's interesting :p
I only own one bb cream and i was looking for one that gives me more coverage :P

mapple said...

@ceecile .. there are so many samples to be sold out there. just try it ^^
@poet whahhahha .. begitulah .. ehm ..
@kay hey .. I hope you can get a proper choice ^^

daphne on a rocketship said...

Thnx for ur comment sweetie!!!
nice post btw!!!!!!

Toothfairy said...

ew... getting bumps on your skin after using a product? that's not good at all! go find yourself a better one then girl...


twinsouls888 said...

Whoah tnx for this post. When it comes to BB cream, your blog is the best . :) Have a nice day girl :)

Spirit said...

hi, i'm a new comer in cosmetics world. I often hear about BB cream, but i'm still confuse what usage of BB cream for? can you explained it? thanks.

mapple said...

@twinsouls thank you .. thank you ^-^

mapple said...

hi Spirit :) Thanks for dropping by ..
the BB Cream stands for (blemish balm cream) which is usually claimed as all in one: makeup base + foundation + nourishment + sunscreen. Bb cream was invented to help people who just got laser surgery to cover their redness and to improve the skin health. I hope it helps ^^

Uchi_Bali said...

Hi Mapple ...
It's nice to know you.
I just want to ask you, What do you mean about getting bumps ? Is it Acne or Pimple ?
What is the Best between TSF Aloe & Fervelet HD to control oil ?

mapple said...

Hi Uchi, nice to know you too ^-^
Honestly I wonder about the difference between acne and pimple :p
I think it is just semantic
What I actually meant about getting bumps is early pimple (or acne? I think 'pimple' is a better word). It is something like inflammed bump
In my opinion, Feverlet HD is better in controlling oil

sydneyreadseverything said...

I have tried this too. I agree that it is much better than the other BB Creams I have tried. For example, it provides much better coverage than boscia. It's also luminous without being sparkly. I am very pale and it works on me. My mother is a little darker, I tried it on her and she looked like a ghost, so it does have it's limits.