Thursday, November 10, 2011

Herb Day 365 Peach Cleansing Foam

Herb Day 365 cleansing foam from The Face Shop is my favorite cleanser. It has some variants: Mung Bean, Peach, Aloe, Spearmint, Lemon, Acerola. I have tried some of them and so far I find they bring a nice result and has a good price too. This time I'm going to review the Peach cleansing foam.

It’s a foaming cleanser. You just drop a pea-sized amount onto wet skin and activate it by rubbing it gently in circular motion.  One thing I love with Herb Day cleansing foam series is the very gentle bubble it creates. The foam smells fruity and peachy which is refreshing.

This second-step cleansing removes away surface dirt. If you are using makeup, you should remove it first using first-step cleansing such as cleansing oil/cleansing cream/cleansing milk. Imposing foam cleanser for cleansing makeup will only remove more natural moisture and makes your skin drier.

The peach, compared to the rest variants (in my opinion) has a long lasting clean feel and somehow makes my face clean, looks radiant and feel fresh longer.

Though foaming cleanser usually tends to dry skin, the Herb Day cleansing foam series (imho) is less drying. I say this since it doesn’t leave squeaky-clean feel. When I leave my face without using anything after use this product, I only get a very little tight feeling which is still bearable.

The other nice thing I find is the large amount of herbal ingredient they put into this product. Not only Peach, the other variants of Herb Day cleansing foam also use so many herbal ingredient. No wonder it gives nice result on my face.

If you are looking for affordable and good cleanser, it is worth to try.

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