Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blotting Paper

Do you blot? I always provide blotting paper or sometimes called face paper inside my bag. Blotting paper is a paper (sometimes it’s made with plastic) which helps to absorb the excess oil on skin surface without bothering your make up. Having oily skin type makes me to blot. Otherwise, my skin looked so greasy and of course it is a minus to my appearance. Oily skin might also become a problem for person who wears make up. When the oil glands become overactive and produce excessive amount of oil, you will find that your makeup is gone and the area around your nose is shiny.
If you experience the same as mine, blotting paper can be a solution to control the oil on your skin.
I’ve tried some brands: Ovale, Clean & Clear, Acnes, and Hakugen. Ovale is made by paper, while the others are made by plastic.

I’ve heard that keep blotting regularly during the day might trigger acne. Well, I guess it’s in case of blotting paper which is made by plastic. Is it because of the mineral oil? I personally find that too often blot might inflames the pimples.
Blotting does not prevent the oil, but it helps to lessen the shine and fix your look.
Keep using this might be expensive and wasteful. There is a trick to blot using a cheaper material: try to use the toilet seat covers. This gives a same effect as common blotting paper.

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selvyna said...

waaahh... sama mbak... mukaku juga berminyak bangeeeetttt.... klo siang pasti muka udah kayak jualan minyak goreng.. tapi aku jarang pakai blotting paper.. malas ah... biarin aja, mumpung harga minyak lagi naik.. *gak nyambung*

anyway, thanx ya udah mampir ke blog ku mbak.... salam kenal.. :)