Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Non-comedogenic Cosmetics

Due to my oily skin type, I get used to ensure the products I use are non-comedogenic. Finding that mark on the product label seems to be safe for me. Frankly I know the non-comedogenic means the product has no harsh substance that may block the pores and lead to acne.

Non-comedogenic is a term indicates products which have been tested on the oily skins of human volunteers or animal. These products are recommended for acne-prone individuals and less to cause blackheads or whiteheads.

Being realized or not, finding that term at once sending a persuasive signal to pay more attention to the product. But the bad news is I heard that this term is not regulated by the FDA which means there is no standard of how a product must be tested before it can be claimed as non-comedogenic.

Whatever the packaging states, the product still may not work for you. There is still possibility that the product will breakout on you while the others with the same oily skin type are not. Therefore, always read the ingredient lists since some additives may irritate the skin. Finally, it is important to test a new product on our own skin rather than rely on the label. Usually I do extra effort by googling to find others’ skin cares success stories to decide what products are safe enough to be used.

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