Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner

Facial toner, is a “must do” part of my daily regime. The latest toner I bought was Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner. I bought it during my visit to a shop in Batam City. It’s a toner supposed to lighten the complexion. I actually didn’t buy it due to its whitening properties since my face is quiet radiant. I was interested to pick it up from the shelf and bring it home since I was curios while reading that it brings soy as one of its active ingredients.
Before convincing myself to buy, I carefully checked the ingredients list. Well, I’m not an expert with what is safe and what is not for a product, but with all my limitation I tried to skim it to avoid all stuff sounds like alcohol, paraben, or dimethicone. After ensuring myself that everything was okay (beside of the fragrance which is listed in the bottom of the ingredient list), I picked this.


The packaging is okay. It comes in a simple white plastic bottle with screw cap. It is practical to use.

I use it after cleanse my face. Shake well the bottle first, pour out few drops unto cotton pad and then swipe it over my face. It always successfully helps to remove any traces of cleanser, makeup, dirt that were left behind. After using the toner I feel slightly cleaner, smooth, and fresh. And since it is alcohol free, it adds  moisture into skin without leaving sticky layer on top of the skin. It leaves skin looks hydrated without shiny look. It also shrinks the appearance of pores. 

Cons? Sometimes I get burning sensation (but it is very rare happen) and its whitening effects is not significant. I think we need to use its complete range to achieve optimal whitening result.


Stephanie said...

Ingredientsnya lumayan safe yah.. at least buat kulitku sih.. ^^ Belinya dimana sis?

mapple said...

sis Stephanie^^ aku beli di toko beleza di kepri mall (kalo ga salah) di batam sis

Noniek said...

great review!