Friday, July 31, 2009

Missha Mango Yogurt Pack

An item in my mask collection is Missha Mango Yogurt Pack.
Yogurt has been quiet popular to be used in skin treatment. It contains high nutrient (zinc, calcium, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, protein, and yeast) and lactic acid that will smoothen and hydrates your skin. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Due to skin treatment, yogurt can reduce pore size, improve overall skin texture, and give you healthy glow. I had no yogurt skin care based in my skin care regime at that moment. So, got tempted to try yogurt facial treatment, I bought this mask in Missha’s counter.

How to Use?

Apply an appropriate amount all over the face avoiding the areas around the eyes and lips. Massage gently for 5 to 10 minutes and let yellow grains dissolve. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. To be used once or twice a week.

Once being opened, I smelled the fresh mango scent and it seems so yummy. The texture of the mask is about rubbery with many yellow tiny grains scattered everywhere. The yellow grains are used for exfoliation and will slowly dissolve while we are rubbing it.

I don’t like the packaging. It looks like a supplement container. Common masks come in tube or jar, but this one looks like a supplement than a beauty mask. You need to dig your finger in to scoop the mask out

Too bad I can’t use it anymore. It did soften my skin, but also gave me extra whiteheads. Though the label says it is suitable for all skin type, it’s kind of too rich for me. I used it several times and always ended up with whiteheads.
Then I thought I should not wait too long and reduced my waiting time to be 5 minutes only before rinsing. But still, I got the same problem.
Still didn’t want to give up, I went to my next trial by skipping the massage part. I heard some people say that someone with oily skin should avoid massaging her face since it stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. So I just apply the mask to my face, wait for 5 minutes and … it works, I got no whitehead! But afterward I thought I would not get the best property of the mask since I could not embed the yellow grains to my skin.

Finally I gave up and thought that the mask was not for me. Regrettably I had to pass it to my sister.


twinsouls888 said...

This post is very informative but I don't think I like the extra whiteheads hehe. Nice blog, followed you ^_^

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Nice post, I love Missha's product, but I guess it's different on everyone, right?? ^^
I tagged you..
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mapple said...

@twinsouls888, thanks for visiting my blog. I'd love to know you and read your lovely blog. I've followed you as well ^^

@Ceecile sure, it reacts differently on people. You should give it a try ^-^