Friday, September 25, 2009

L’oreal White Perfect Double Essence

I want to share about The L’oreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence though I think this product has been discontinued now. I can’t find it anymore in the stores. Instead of finding this, I get the WHITE PERFECT Re-Lightening Whitening Radiance Boosting Double Essence which is a new generation of White Perfect formula. I used the Radiance Boosting for a while before passed it to my sister. The effect is quite similar with the older White Perfect edition. That’s why I still want to bring my review which may help you who are in research deciding to buy the product or not.

Here is the image of the Radiance Boosting double essence

Key ingredients

  • Melanin-Block, an agent to fight against the production of melanin which is the main source of skin darkening and brown spots;
  • Pure Vitamin C, substance that enhances skin radiance to reveal smoother, luminous and transparent complexion
  • Micro White Pearls, acts as blue light reflectors to neutralize yellowish complexion

Full Size 30ml

It comes in double pump system. One gives white thick essence, while another pump gives orange essence. We need to pump out the both essences altogether to get the balance portion of them. The ingredients are activated when mixed and applied to the skin. Please do check if the orange color turns to be brown. Maybe it is a sign of the oxidized vitamin C.

The best time to apply this essence is at bed time on well cleansed skin. You better use it independently without using any other night care at the same time.
I was suffering from acne and its scars at the moment I used this double essence. I think this is not suitable for people with those skin problems. Few minutes after applying the essence, my skin surface felt sticky and oily. But I kept using it until I end up the second bottles. At that time I was poor with knowledge on how to treat my skin and have no idea what skin care should be used.

But I think it didn’t that useless. After finishing one bottle, I could see my skin was glowing and transparent although it helped nothing to fix my acne (of course since it doesn’t being targeted to cure blemishes).
The L’oreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence gives me mild peeling effect hence surely made my skin looked brighter and far from dullness. It slowly faded out my pimple scars. The con was that this essence left my skin more oily and thus sometimes popped pimples out. Besides, it also gave me red blotches which I guess came through the peeling effect of the acid (Vitamin C).

It is suitable for you who have normal to dry skin and want to get radiantly healthy skin.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this product is not found anymore. The new generation, Radiance Boosting edition comes with 2 times more of Melano-block, Vitamin C and Micro White Pearls.


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Wow! I'm currently using this one too!! ^^
On my skin, it doesn't really oily, though.. I think it absorb really quick.. and makes it supple and bouncy, hehe.. I even use it day and night.. no problem at all.. but I think it's also because I'm really keen to treating my acne right now, too.. (aspirin mask, tea tree mask, so many, hehe.. ^^)

mapple said...

@Ceecile, thanks for reading^^
I don't like when it is too oily, so I gave it to my sister :-)