Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Missha M BB Boomer

Another sample that I got on my purchase was Missha M BB Boomer. This is a primer to be applied before BB cream. The label states that this boomer boosts up the adherence and duration of BB Cream. Besides, it also lightens up skin tone with its pink pearly powder. Let’s take a look what the label says:
  • Whitening and wrinkle repairing
  • Containing moringa, patent ingredient, mannan and olive ingredients which have an affinity with skin, it keeps moisture on the skin and creates moisture shield, leaving it moisturized after makeup. Unfortunately I can’t find the complete ingredients of this product. The label behind the sachet was written in Korean.
  • Contain adenosine and arbutin to improve the skin tone and fine lines

Before going to my review, I want to share what I know about primer. Face primer prepares the skin for foundation so that the make up goes smoother and lasts longer. The word “prepare” is basically telling about even out the skin surface so that the makeup can sit on it better. Besides, the primers are meant to create barrier between skin and foundation. Just apply after moisturizer and then we can carry on with regular foundation or BB cream.

It states about keeping moisture on the skin, so being worried to be over-oily, I use a very light hand on the application. The texture is milky white and slightly pinkish of the tiny pink pearly powders spread over the cream.

I combined it with Missha M Perfect Cover and the result is dewy look. Personally it’s rather hard to say that this boomer really helps my BB cream stays on longer. I hardly see difference between using the boomer and not. It does helps to ease the BB cream application, but my BB cream just stays as usual. At night, after sits on my face for more than 10 hours, my BB cream starts to fade out. Whereas I think the boomer will make it to stays perfectly longer.
The only visible effect is that my tone is slightly different. Using the boomer, my skin tone looks tend to pinkish.

Actually I was wonder why does Missha create a separate primer, whereas common BB cream usually already attaches the primer function on itself. In my personal opinion, I don’t think that I really need a face primer. Bb cream works well for me and already captures the properties that a primer has.


daphne on a rocketship said...

thnx for ur comment!!:)
no i haven't seen "up" yet but i want very much!!!!!!
i love donald and mikey too!!

Miss K. You said...

Hi Mapple, thank you for your care :) I'm not new the school but I have moved to a new place off-campus. You are right, living with my close friends helps a lot- it makes me happy! Aw too bad your holiday ended.. it's hard for me to end summer and start school too =\

twinsouls888 said...

I think you're right ^_^. You don't need a primer , the BB cream is OK already. ^_^. As for me, I don't need a primer also, I don't wanna put too much products on my face, the lesser the better for me, I give my skin more room to breathe hehe. ^_^