Saturday, September 12, 2009

Skin food Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam

I have special interest with facial cleansers. I believe that proper cleansing is a base to prevent further skin troubles. Here is another one: Skin food Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam. The name sounds very yummy right?! It contains honey and black tea extracts. Honey effectively moisturizes skin after cleansing, while black tea has excellent exfoliating effect that helps eliminating keratin and giving a skin boost. Besides, black tea also acts as astringent that leaves skin lustrous, feeling fresh and hydrated. It’s suitable for oily skin.

The foam itself comes in glutinous jelly transparent texture. Easy to foam and allow to produce a lot of bubbles. I just need a very small amount of the foam and mix it with water to get enough to be applied. Do not pour too much out or you will get too many bubbles and wasting some. End up by rinsing it with warm water. Leaves skin clean, moist, and supple.

It smells so good, just like scent of honey. You probably don’t really keen with the scent for it is too strong. I personally don’t know whether it comes from natural honey or added perfume.
The foam is not drying, but will not make skin to be over-oily. I use it whenever I think my skin needs to be fed and hydrated.


daphne on a rocketship said...

hi!thank you for your sweet comment and for following me!!!!

mapple said...

@Daphne, u're welcome ^^ nice to know you

Priscilla Verblind said...

wahh.. ati2 disemutin.. =)
overall gmn reviewnya, sis. puas to nda jadinya?

mapple said...

@Priscilla, suka sis. Soalnya calm down skin trouble juga di aku^-^

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

woah! Skinfood! pengen banget nyobain ini..hehe.. tapi sayangnya kalau beli di Indo mahal yah.. >_<
But I'm rather stick to my TBS Green Tea FAcial Foam.. udah cocok sih..hehe..^^

mapple said...

@ceecile, TBS aku pakenya yg tea tree oilnya. Jerawat ga langsung kempes sih, malah jadi kayak benjol2 gitu

Cininta said...

Hi,sis!Love ur blog :)
btw, hbs bc reviewnya ak lgs beli produk ini & I love it :)
Ditunggu update-nya ttg Skinfood ya :)