Thursday, October 15, 2009

Choosing a BB Cream

Hi All, I want to share the latest stuff that is bothering me lately. Do you know what? This is about choosing a right BB Cream! Haha .. Some of you may say that there is nothing worth to talk about. But, I think about it the whole day. Have you ever felt a same way when you really want to buy something? I think mostly girls are like that.

I have been trying several brands of bb cream: Skin79, Feverlet, Lotus Blossom, Dodoclub, Palgantong, Etude House, Missha. Mostly of them are good. The term “good” here is something like good coverage, good skin calming effect, good oil control, good looking (dewy/matte finish), no breakout, and good shade. But of course each item has its own intensity of the “good” that I mean.

The missing item here is that I feel no visibly healing effect. I read some reviews where the girls say they find their skin improved, smaller pores, smoother skin, less pimple, etc. But for me, I haven’t got it all.

I’m pondering to choose one between The Skin Food, BRTC, Dr. Jart, or Zamian.

  • BRTC is rather expensive, so it will not get a high priority than the other.
  • The SkinFood has its own loyal fans, besides the price (via online shop) is considerable.
  • Dr. Jart is still 50-50. Some say the Dr. Jart is good for the healing, while others say it ends them up with breakout.
  • Zamian came with a big acne healing claim. But the users say that after the experience, the result is not as good as the commercial promises. The benefit they got is some kind like bouncy and supple skin, but still finds no effect to the pores or acne. But I’m personally still curious about this brand. Zamian is a new comer in my country. Not too many people have tried, and the trial maybe still runs on few days/weeks only. So in my opinion, their testimony is still too earlier to be judged.


Currently I’m using Feverlet HD. At the beginning I was so impressed with this brand. It gives me fair complexion and quiet good coverage. But then I see that the shade is actually too fair. I can’t use a thick layer since it will make my skin become so pale like dead matte. Therefore I always put a tiny amount of the cream to get a matching shade. As the result, I can’t get a good coverage for the heavy spots. Besides, this one is also not too easy to be applied. I always feel that the cream is too dry. Once I manage my face with the Feverlet HD, my skin look dehydrated. Overall I love the fair shade it gives, but I’m eager to find a new one which is more hydrating plus provides healing.

Still in research @__@


rhaindropz said...

thanks for sharing

hun check this out: hugs!!! rhain

mapple said...

Hi rhaindropz :) thanks for visiting. I've clicked the image. I hope I'll win it haha ^^

Fifi said...

It doesn't give me the healing effect either. Except that Skin79 hotpink really does make my skin look a little bit more glowy :)

nicola ticola ponders said...

I must be really dumb because I have no idea what BB cream is...what is it???

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nicola xx

sheri amor said...

I agree.. but sometimes in my skin or face.. no matter how good the product is I feel that my skin is still breaking out.. actually there is nothing wrong in the product.. its just that i think there's something wrong with my skin ;P

BT said...

For me, BB cream is moisturizing day cream, may be make up base. ("v) I've tried few BB cream's texture at drugstore/beauty store oversea, including Skin79, BRTC...etc. All of them are quite similar in term of color and texture, though some may feel lighter.

mapple said...

@Fifi, really? I tried the Skin79 as well. It's good for the moisturizing effect. But that one is in sample size and I didn't use it for the long term. Can't make comparison :)

@Nicola, bb cream is simply said as treatment foundation. There are many reviews about it that you may interested. Anyway, welcome to my site^^ Sure, I'd like to see your lovely jewelry giveaway!

@Sheri, maybe you don't clean it properly dear?

@BeautyKnot, As you said, I also think that the bb creams are quite similar. Hope that I can find the good one ^^