Thursday, October 08, 2009

Facial Treatment at The Face Shop

Last Saturday I got my first facial treatment after 10 years. The pain and red blotches I got on my last facial experience hooked me on trauma to get another facial again. But, last week a friend offered me to use her facial treatment voucher on The Face Shop. What a tempted invitation! At the end I called the therapist and made appointment to visit her.

When I came to TFS (The face shop), the therapist was serving another customer. I had to wait for 45 minutes before entered the room. It was a small room with a single bed. The bed looked so comfortable. They’d already put a special clothes to be worn by me. After changed my costume, I lay in the bed and prepared to enjoy my treatment.

I picked the “quick and clean” treatment which is targeted for oily and acne prone skin.

The therapist started the treatment by cleansing the area around my eyes and lip using makeup remover. Then she poured another liquid which I guessed was cleansing milk to get rid my makeup. She used her palms to spread the liquid all over my face in circular motion. I could get massaging effect on that.

After that, she wiped the residue off with wet napkin. The next cleansing steps, she poured other products which I guessed was toner and cleanser foam. I didn’t ask her in every step she did though actually I wanted to. I didn’t want to disturb her and all I really needed was just to enjoy the treatment.

The treatment continued by massaging my face. Still in my opinion, she used peeling gel or maybe blackhead remover to soften the blackhead and so that it would be easily pulled out. The next steps, she still put some creams on my face. I didn’t know exactly what it was. The minimal that I remembered, she put moisturizer right before steaming.

I came to the steaming session. The therapist placed a warm vapor mist tool right above my face. The mist is used for relaxation and opened the skin’s pores while deeply cleansing and rejuvenating all the skin’s layers.

Then the most painful session began. The therapist pulled out my acne and blackhead used metal extractor tool. It’s hurt. Sometimes the extraction made me bleeding and the therapist wipe the blood using tissues. I was crying but tried not to scream. Fortunately she put cotton pad on my eyes so that she could not see me cried.

The extraction session felt so long. But the pain could be reduced when I tried to focus on the Korean music rather than the pain on my face. At that time I realized that the painful feeling is centralized on brain and we can control that.

Finally the extraction finished. The therapist applied an electric tool which was used to kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation.
Soon afterward, she put another moisturizer and applied oxygen sprayer. It felt very tingle. I struggled not to laugh… hahaha…
Last but not least, she applied mask and asked me to wait for 20 minutes before washed it off and applied sunblock.

Oops, I forget to tell. In the middle of the treatment, the therapist gave me additional relaxing massage. She massaged my face, head, neck, and back. It was sooooooooooo nice.

Totally the treatment took about 2 hours. At the end, my face was decorated with some red blotches. The worst area was around my nose. It looked reddish, just like Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Besides, my hair was also looked dull and messy, whereas I was in a shopping center. Can you imagine how messy I was? Being ugly in the crowd was not nice at all.

You may observe that I used many uncertain words such as “in my opinion, I guess, I think, etc”. That’s true … I didn’t ask too much questions to the therapist since I avoided the possibility that she would end up by offering me all those products.

Here are the facial treatments offered by The Face Shop (which I can remember):
  • Hydra moisture facial treatment, which is suitable for dry skin type. The Hydra Moisture treatment use two different product lines: alpine and ice water. Alpine series is used for inflame and dry skin, while the Ice Water is for dehydrated and dry skin.
  • Quick and Clean facial treatment, for acne prone skin
  • Mini Facial treatment which only takes 30 minutes. Used to cleansing and relaxation.
And the result is …
The first two days after the facial, too bad that I got the skin around my nose was dry and chapped. But I felt my skin was supple and smooth anytime I wash my face. I put sleeping mask at night to nourish and fix the texture of my skin and moisten it.

The third day, when I looked at the mirror, I see my skin complexion was clearer than usual. Wow! I plan to re-visit the therapist again after two months. I consider making facial treatment as my routine regime. The first experience of facial was so great!


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Wow! You must be having such a good time there, except for the blackhead extraction session, hehe.. And you succesfully made me just want to go to have facial! haha.. ^^

mapple said...

hi Ceecile .. ya I spent a nice moment there. Besides, looking at the result makes me want to go there again^^ I don't get any irritation except the first two days: the skin around nose was flaky and dry. I applied sleeping mask at night to nourish and fix the texture :)