Thursday, October 08, 2009

Gorgeus Blogger Award

This chance I got a fun blog award from Miss K.You, one of my favorite friendly blogger. Why do I say it fun? The recipients of the award have to share the six interesting facts about themselves. Talking about ourselves, especially the nice things is always fun, isn’t it? So, here are my facts …
  • I don’t have doggy like Miss K. You does, but I have a virtual pet named “Omenyo”. Sounds weird? Hahaha .. I thought hardly to find a unique name for him. Omenyo is my pet in Facebook’s Pet Society. He is a male. I feel fun whenever I see Omenyo is moving and playing. Let’s take a look some pictures of him:
  • One of my habits is drawing. Whenever I find a paper, my finger starts to draw. Mostly picture I draw is small object, and it’s often a flower or leaf. If I am thinking nothing, my finger draws flower and leaf. If my feeling is unwell or worrying, the drawing objects become abstract. Mostly forms as messy circles. If I am relaxed and enjoy, I draw some objects as girls, boys, foods, pet, etc. I will not stop unless the paper is full with my sketch.
  • I work as an IT programmer. Working in technical field makes me working with mostly male. The only women are me and one another girl. If the team goes somewhere, I am often the only girl in the crowd. Fortunately the boys are nice and I’m glad to be friend with them all.
  • Recently I dream to have my own business. I have been working as an employee for about 4 years and I pray that God will guide me to get my chance to build my own company. I think having my own business makes me become more flexible. I can have more times to take care of my family, serving God, and think about other business chances. I want to have a laundry business and skin care online shop someday.
  • My favorite comic is Miiko, a Japanese comic by Ono Eriko. Miiko is an elementary school student. Her character is active (and talk active), funny, open, kind, and careless. The way of the writer describes the story is very attractive though the stories are simple. The most enjoyable of Miiko’s tale is the funny images. I love it so much.
  • I love to sing. And believe or not … I ever represented my department to join the singer competition in my company. I got the 4th place, so I didn’t be a winner. I think it’s good since I can’t imagine if I was one of the winners, maybe I have to sing in other events. And you know, it’s not that easy to perform in the front of many people.
That’s all mine. Now I want to nominate some of my favorite bloggers to share their stories, they are:

For the dearest nominees, please kindly ignore if you don’t want to grab the award and do the sharing. It’s just for fun anyway


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Thank you so much for the award!! You are so sweet..^^
I'll do the post later on, OK??

I also love to draw, I even think to buy the drawing tablet for PC!! but it's quite expensive, so I'm planning to save up for this, hehe.. ^^
Wow, you have so many talents! Drawing, singing, writing, IT programming, that is so cool! ^^

Miss K. You said...

Mapple, these are very fun facts to learn about you :) It's cool that you work as an IT programmer with guys.. girl power! I see you also have a more artistic side.. with both art & singing. I like painting but don't have much time for it. I wish you the best in your business dreams, you can do it. ;)

Toothfairynotes said...

congrats on the award.
I don't know that comic, but it sure does look cute! And I hope you'll have your own business real soon!


mapple said...

Reading comments from dear friends has brighten up my day ^__^

@Ceecile, sure ... take your time please^^
Yeah, drawing is nice. I'd like to see your sketch someday. Thanks ... I'm not an expert in those fields, just do it as a hobby

@Miss K. You, the boys are nice. Sometimes I can't understand about their conversation. But I learn a lot by being around them. Mostly they think about how to improve themselves and some of the things are about how to make more money hahaha ..
Painting seems to be more difficult than just create a sketch using pencil. That's cool^^

@ToothFairy, thank you so much ( *^-^* ) I visited your blog and I must admit that your articles are qualified! I enjoy to read them. Good job!