Saturday, July 30, 2011

Facial Treatment at The Face Shop Part II

Again I got my second facial treatment at The Face Shop. My last facial was about October 2009 which was two years ago. The last experience was quiet good and this time was also nice.

After made an appointment several days before, I came at 2 pm and directly entered the treatment room. After changed my clothes to treatment costume, I laid in the bed. The therapist observe my skin under spotlight before suggested what treatment type suitable me. Since I got many zits around my neck, she suggested me to take Quick and Clean treatment. 

At the former facial, the therapist used lip and eye remover but this time the therapist only used cleansing cream and cleansing foam. The foam smelled heavenly refreshing. After that she still applied some other stuffs which I guess was still in part of cleansing and maybe some kind like blackhead oil to soften bleackheads around my skin. Soon afterwards she put vapor mist to give relaxation and opened pores thus would ease blackhead removal process. Though I enjoy the vapor mist moment, I knew that the painful process: blackhead and blemishes removal would come soon.

Now go to the suffer moment (I hate this phase). The therapist put wet cotton pad on my eyes (to hide the bleeding tools from my sight *sigh). And she started the operation. Using blackhead removal tool she squeezed my skin to pop up the ugly blackheads (It's still bearable for me). Sometimes when she got deep embeded acne/blackhead she would use a tool like needle to suck it out (OMG it's damn sick). And sometimes she found heaviest acne/blackhead she would use her hands to squeeze it out ..ooh I'm gonna die.. (>.<). She finished it out within 45 minutes.

After that she cleansed it up and applied electrical tool which provide light electricity to reduce inflammation and kill the bacteria.

Next she applied another electrical tool which felt like a cold ice. I bet it was used to close the pores.

Soon afterwards she put massage cream and started to give me nice facial-neck-shoulder massage (yes I deserved this service after the painful moment). She said that since my face was okay (few acne) she could give me the facial massage. It can't be given if you have inflammed acne since massage it will activate sebum thus cause more acne. Then she followed it up by applying facial mask. At the former facial treatment the therapist gave me green clay mask while this time I got transparent mask which maybe was some kind like seaweed mask. After waited for 45 minutes (yes 45 since she was busy treating another patient), she cleared it up; applied toner, moisturizer, and finished with BB Cream. That's all.

What I like about The Face Shop facial treatment is that I get no reddish or inflamed face after the treatment. Besides, my neck which was full with blemishes now has cure.
What I don't like is the price which is quiet expensive.


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Ooohhh... Where where where?? I want to try it too, but if you say that the price is quite pricey, hmmm...

mapple said...

@ceecile at TA cil. It cost 220K for every treatment. If you want I can give you the therapist no. :D