Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gold Kiwi Serum

Here is my experience with tester of Gold Kiwi Serum by The Skin Food. Here is the description (taken from here):

Moisture-rich skin-whitening GoldKiwi Serum restores and renews your skin from deep under, using a substance found in goldkiwis.
[A Secret in GoldKiwi fruits] Do you know that New Zealanders eat goldkiwis without peeling them off not to miss out their nutritional effects? Skinfood has newly discovered a substance found in the goldkiwis's skin, helps restore your sun-damaged skin from deep under.

The texture is milky, watery and lightweight. Leaves no heavy feel. It absorb slowly. I wait for approximately ten seconds before it sink completely in my skin. It leaves matte look, isn't greasy and neither hydrating. It would be okay to be used before you apply makeup because of the non greasy texture. I applied a little too much of it and after 30 minutes it didn’t feel moist anymore.

Actually my trial run was not complete since I didn't have the complete set of Gold Kiwi moisturizer products (Gold Kiwi Emulsion and Cream). I still have faith that Korean products should be used in complete range to get its optimal result. So though I said this serum is not hydrating enough, I might say different comment if I use it combined with the emulsion and the cream as well.

Well that's all. It was just a tester. No long term observation. I was honestly not impressed with the tester.

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