Monday, September 05, 2011

LANDBIS Red Dot Ribbon Pencil Eyeliner

This is my 1st time writing about eye makeup. I used to not too care about makeup. My biggest concern is about how to fix up my skin appearance. But lately I start eyeing on new thing: eyeliner! It gives you a more dramatic eye look. Yes I started to think that I need to dress up my eyelid area as well.

So, I started to use my eyeliner which usually abandoned in my beauty shelf. At the first time I felt my face looked like a ghost with those messy lines on my eyelid. But practice indeed makes perfect. After several days practicing I get used to it and able to draw a slightly better line.
So, after preparing myself to use eyeliner, suddenly I got an offering from KKCenterHK to sponsor me a product. They allowed me to pick one product. After pondering a lot, I chose the LANDBIS Red Dot Ribbon Pencil Eyeliner.

Product Description (taken from here)
Great for create softer line( Specially for light make up or daily make up.)
Comfortable to apply and suitable for different kind of skin.
Last all day without any flaking, smudging, smearing or streaking.

Net Weight :1g
Price in KKCenterHK : USD9.03

  • Easy one stroke application
  • Smooth to apply
  • Creamy texture
  • Soft eye pencil
  • Less smudge
  • Long lasting
  • And the best is: it is sooo easy to be removed! I don't need to remove it several times nor rub it hardly
To be honest, this is the best eyeliner I ever use so far (well, I only ever tried Black Bean eyeliner and another eyeliner from local brand). Thank you so much KKCenterHK for giving me such a good eyeliner. It really suits my need!!


aMz88 said...

wow interesting :D r u from philippines? if yes where did u buy it from? :)

mapple said...

@aMz88 no dear^^ I'm Indonesian. You can buy it here
I get it free as sponsorship from KKCenterHK

organic foundation said...

Eyes can play a very vital role in the context of dressing up the face.I love the look of the soft pencil to the hard liners...therefore this will be a very useful post for me.