Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yoko Spa Milk Salt

I had been curious about Yoko Spa Milk Salt since long ago. Until last week I went to a shopping center and I found it! It was the first time I found Yoko bath salt being sold in public store. I was a bit surprised knowing there is a distributor in Indonesia (it is used to be sold in online stores only). There were three variants of the product in the store: black, pink, and purple. At that time I picked the pink one.

I had no experience with bath salt. I usually did extra treatment for my skin with body scrub. So using salt for body was a new thing for me. The bath salt is pinkish and smells like strawberry milk. I wondered whether it would also taste like strawberry milk. Then on my second usage, I accidentally swallowed it, and it was salty!

So here was what I did: I rub it on my wet skin, left it about three minutes, rinse it off and continued with body wash.

There are a lot of girls say that the product works wonder to smooth skin, but I found it not very well acted. It stung and left red rash on my skin.

Besides, there’s also a little hassle about the zip-locker packaging. Once I pour the salt onto my hand, the rest of the salt grains stuck on the sidelines of the zip locker. It makes the container can’t be closed again. I think the zip-locker packaging design is useless.

Finally I read a review from Onik who also use Yoko Bath Salt. Then I asked her if I did it wrong. Onik told me that I should apply it instead of rub it and leave it for three minutes before rinsing. She warned me not to scrub since it will sting. So I immediately practiced as she taught that afternoon, and the result is good! Though I didn’t rub it as when I’m wearing scrub, it did make my skin become smooth and moist. Besides, the moist feel is long lasting, longer than if I use my body scrubs.

All in all, I like this bath salt and I will repurchase it. I’ll buy the black one next time.

Note: I found an article tells that bath salts is bad for people with high blood pressure. If you aim to use it and you have hypertension, you better consult with your doctor first.


OnikChan said...

aku udah ngga sabar coba Yoko Spa Milk Salt yang yoghurt itu tp tunggu scrub yg skrg habis dulu, masih banyak soalnya pas beli kemasannya 1 kg T__T

BTW, ada award buatmu yah... silakan mampir ke blogku hehe :)

*~kAy~* said...

i used to use bath salts before but got lazy with all the applying and everything haha :P
got a little too time-consuming :P
you're right though.. it stings me also.. maybe I shouldn't rub it like you did..

Ayu Liber said...

jadi pengen nyoba^^
oiya sis, ambil award dari blogku ya?
I give the award to your blog >o<

Ayu Liber said...

Jadi pengen nyoba, oiya sis ambil awrd dari blogku ya~
I give the award to your blog :)

aMz88 said...

ive bought one from watsons :)
i rub gently, knowing its salt it will hurt if i will rub like crazy teehee...and yuh i like the smell and it works too ^^
new follower ;D

Samantha Lee Shin said...

You might like to try the spa milk salt, the yellow color one. I tried that one and the result is great. Super smooth skin and it smells like milk too... only taste like salt... as usual, since it's spa milk salt anyway... haha...

Lina Kim ♥ said...

I've never used a bath salts before. But I'm going to have a hand on this, thx for sharing ^^

Anonymous said...

please post picture before and after you use this product! ^___^ im eager to know whether this will brighten your skin or not [as i heard from people's rave]

anyway, would you like to join my giveaway sponsored by ponds indonesia?
you may take a look here :)

good luck <3

mapple said...

@stellalee92, I'll upload the before-and-after picture. I think I need to choose a good sunny day so that my skin texture can be seen clearly :)

Anonymous said...

Is is safe for black skin too?

mapple said...

@Anonymous, I honestly have no idea if it is safe on black skin or not. Here is the ingredients list, you may look at it and check if this product contains any material which may be an allergen to you

Sodium Sesquicarbonate, Sodium Chloride (NACI), Perfume, Milk, Vitamin E, Glycerine, Olive Oil, Yogurt Extract, Vitamin B3, Collagen