Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Royal Jelly Yellow Soil Mask Washable

It is a wash-off type mask from Beauty Credit, one of the souvenirs I got from Batam. I've been using this product for more than two months, once or twice a week as a part of my beauty regime.

The texture of the mask is yellowish brown, clay-like, and it is slippery. It smells so strong like oil paint. I think the formula of the product was not mixed well. The dense material of the mask separated from the oil. Sometimes there are some oils dripping from tube when I try to squeeze the product onto my palm.

Product Detail
A washable mask with extracts of royal jelly and yellow soil to thoroughly cleanse and remove makeup and dirt. Rich mineral yellow soil and highly nutritious royal jelly controls sebum to maintain a balance of natural oils and healthy skin. Use for all skin types.

How to Use
Apply mask and wash with lukewarm water after it dries completely. The mask will dries and tighten your face after 10 – 20 minutes. The instruction on the packaging says that after rinse the mask with water, we may continue with foam cleansing or skin shower. I did it once and you know what, it made my skin become so dry. Therefore I prefer wash my face first, masking, and then rinse it off with water only without any soap or face wash. After wearing the mask, you shouldn’t wash your face again otherwise your face might gets very dry.

It is easy to remove the mask. I just wipe my face while rinsing it off with water, and my face is clean. After that, I tone my face and put moisturizer and it’s all done.

Improve skin texture
Helps to control sebum

The only annoying thing is that it often leaves some soil-like residue on my hair strands. Those residues make the hair strands feel rough to touch. It feels like I don’t wash my hair properly after playing mud.

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