Monday, February 14, 2011

Isoflavon Essential Cotton Mask

Today is the schedule of my peeling treatment. I usually use arazyme facial gel twice a week followed with mask treatment. Two weeks ago my friend went to Batam and bought me some stuff from Beauty Credit. One of the haul is Isoflavon Essential Cotton Mask. It is sheet-type mask: a piece of tissue drenched with nutritious liquid. We put it on cleansed face and let it sits for about 15 minutes before remove it away.

Benefit of the product (taken from
- Isoflavones, a type of antioxidant polyphenol found in beans
- Reduces free radicals, slows skin degeneration and aging
- Has cancer-preventative properties
- 100% cotton hypoallergenic mask

The sheet size is rather too wide for my face but it could be customized easily by folding down the corners. The most troublesome thing I always hate with mask-sheet is the messy essence overflow everywhere. I put the remaining liquid into legs, arms, neck, and even I share it to my parents.

Once I put it on my face, I can smell an alcohol-like scent. I was actually interested with the "isoflavon" term, the ingredient key that I bet supposed to be inside the product. But the alcohol-like smelling is somehow makes me a bit worry.

Using this mask instantly leaves my face seems firmer, moist, and healthily glow. Are you interested with this mask? There are a lot of mask-sheet products in the market, and I have tried quiet many of them. When I use a mask sheet (in various brands), I often feel it doesn't give special result. But I can say that this Isoflavon mask does give an instant visibly result.

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