Friday, February 11, 2011

Red Wine Pore Control Moist Cream

After spending my The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture cream, I buy another product to replace it. I asked my friend who was going to Batam to buy me Red Wine Pore Control Moist Cream there. There is a counter of Beauty Credit in Nagoya Hill shopping center, Batam city.

The product is stored in 50ml sized jar. The container cap is very attractive. There is lovely rocking horse craving on it. The cute packaging of Korean beauty products is one of their strategies which have successfully attracted girls’ attention.

rocking horse on the cap

Here is the product description:
A Basic skincare line with red wine extract that contains polyphenol and tannin for elastic and resilient pores.
Intense water with red wine extracts that contain an abundant amount of Polyphenol and Tanning that tightens and refreshes skin for softer and smoother texture.

Directions: After washing face, take needed amount and apply on face along skin texture with light tapping motion.

The texture of the product is like water jelly cream: leaving cool sensation on skin. It does leave a bit of residue but it does not bother me. Once I applied the cream, I usually blot the residue before continue using next products. That is effective way to prevent my face become greasy afterwards.

see its texture

The scent is very nice. Smells like fresh sweet grape. My husband immediately said that he like the smell when I applied this cream on his face.

I tried using this cream before bed as night cream. Then I wake up the next morning with moist skin though I stay all night in air-conditioned room.

About the pore treatment function, after using this product, my skin pores do look tighter thus provides me better complexion appearance. But I think it is a temporary result only since there is no product can instantly shrink your pores forever in one time application.

Now I’m waiting for my Red Wine Pore Control Emulsion which I ordered from a spree few weeks ago. I used to use more than one product just to moisturize my skin. Therefore I decided to buy the emulsion as well. Going to review that later.

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