Friday, September 24, 2010

Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Finally, after tried the toner and facial wash from The Body Shop Vitamin E series, I was curious to see how the cream runs as well.

At the beginning, I was pondering to choose since The Vitamin E series has some variants of facial cream including: Intense Moisture Cream, Moisture Cream, Illuminating Moisture cream, and Nourishing Night Cream. It’s kind of hard since I don’t know exactly what each of them functioned for. I am looking for a moisturizer which is lightweight, moistens properly and doesn’t leave greasy look. Finally I took the Moisture Cream which is claimed to be the best seller. The best seller label should be okay to guarantee that it works well.

Best if you want to: Protect, soften and moisturize your skin with our best-selling, easily-absorbed, moisture cream that has the lightness of a lotion.

Size 50ml

It is stored in pot with screw top lid. Inside the pot is pink cream that has a classic smell. The texture is creamy yet lightweight which is suitable for me. The cream spreads easily into the skin and takes a while before it absorbs thoroughly, leaving skin moist and fresh. The cream doesn’t leave greasy residue nor feels sticky.

Beside of vitamin E that protects the skin’s future, it also contains Lanolin, natural moisturizer with powerful emollient and Sorbitol which helps skin to retain moisture.

The best is that it doesn’t make my face become oily and doesn't cause any breakouts. The moisturizing effect lasts quiet long.

I think I will repurchase this cream since I am quiet satisfied with its moisturizing performance. Besides, after some times I have felt in love with the refreshing scent of Vitamin E series of TBS.

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jedediah said...

I found another good Natural Vitamin E hand cream at and it really works for me. Has more actual natural vitamin e than any other product.