Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lime Secret Shine Base

Hi all, I’m still in chapter of samples stories. When I purchase products, I often get some samples attached. It is fun to get those samples. I can feel how the product runs before buy the original size. Surely I’m eager to share the review to all of you. But we all know, dealing with samples means we can not observe how the product goes in long term. This also means the review is only ‘at-a-glance’ review. Anyway, just check it out and enjoy!

Now, I’m going to share my experience in trying sample of The Skin Food’s Lime Secret Shine Base. It is a makeup base which is lightweight and oil free. It is intended to control oil but makes your face looks dewy and radiant.

Oil free double reflects natural pearl powder to make skin smooth and slim looking with an irresistible glow.

Use: After basic skin care, shake the bottle freely then apply evenly throughout the whole face.
Content: 30g

Recommended for dull complexion.

The texture is pearl-pinkish. No greasy at all and comfortable. Just feels like wear nothing. When I accidentally apply too much, it still looks natural.

Once applied, it gives velvet touch sensation on my skin. The glow, which is very subtle, leaves my skin looks luminous and dewy with its faint shimmers. Besides, it also evens out skin tone: dims out the redness and pores. If you already have nice complexion with rare scar, you may only use this and skip foundation. I’m not quiet sure but I feel like using this a bit helps to control oil and keep the BB cream stays good longer.

Beside of the Lime Secret, I also got a sample sachet of Baviphat Island Girls BB Primer Fix. This one is BB Primer which is intended to be used after moisturizer and before BB cream. Both of them seem to have similar function right? So, I did a comparison between them. One applied on left cheek, while the other on right cheek. According to the observation, I found appearance of area that I applied Baviphat is slight better than area I applied Lime Secret. Here’s what I found:
  • Pores look a bit more shrink on the Baviphat’s area
  • Tone looks more pinkish and dewier on Lime Secret’s area

Note: about the BB Primer Fix will be reviewed later.


Stephanie said...

Which products do you like more, The Skin Food or TheFaceShop?

Any recommendations for products from both lines?

mapple said...

Hi Stephanie^^ I personally like both of them. Their products are usually not harsh and don't trigger breakout. I have tried more Skin Food’s products than Face Shop’s.

I did experience breakout in some of Skin Food's products. They are peach sake emulsion and herb salad emulsion. But the others are fine by me. While dealing with Face Shop’s, I haven’t experienced breakout until now.
Good products of TSF as per my experience are:
- Avocado rich cream (makes my skin feels smooth and supple)
- Hop beer hair wash
- Aloe BB cream

And TFS line:
- rice water cleansing cream
- stem cell revive toner and emulsion
- mung bean cleansing foam