Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oriflame Dermo Professional

I just faced my first experience of micro-dermabrasion with Oriflame Dermo Professional. It is a set of DIY facial treatment which consists of two steps: Resurfacing Polish and Perfecting Serum. Actually I am having some pimples but I am eaten by my curious feeling to try the stuff.

Step 1 - Resurfacing Polish Micro-Crystals

Instantly smoothens skin

This is a micro-dermabrasion polishing cream. The consistency is creamy, thick, and the color is white-metallic.

How To Use

Apply the desired amount onto the face and massage it gently.
The cream contains lots of tiny granules that scrub the skin. It stings and feels a little warm on my skin when being applied. I finish it immediately since I’m afraid that it will hurt my skin. After that I rinse off the residue using lukewarm water.My skin feels as liquefy. It becomes so flabby. I never find my skin as this.The step 1 is to be used twice a week.

Step 2 – Perfecting Serum

Bio-Exfoliating Complex - Stimulates cell renewal

Soon after the step 1, I apply toner and continue by applying the step 2. Though it is serum, but more likely gel-textured. While common serums usually appear as liquid. The serum absorbs quickly and finished with matte look. This is an ultra moisturizing serum that can be used everyday as night care.


The surface of my skin becomes softer and brighter. I do like the step 1. It softens my skin surface. But the step 2 is not too great. The first time I used it, I found my chin was bumpy. It seemed like there were some comedo though I just used the scrub. After that I always found whiteheads after applied the serum.


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

hmmm.. I'm impressed by the micro crystal scrub, but the serum?? hmm.. maybe it's too hard on your skin ya.. =(

mapple said...

hi ceecile! yes .. some girls report the same effect too ..