Wednesday, September 08, 2010

VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Multi Vita Egg Peel Off Pack

Another cute mini pack of VOV that I tried: Multi Vita Egg Peel off Pack. This is a pretty standard peel-off typed pack. The texture is thick, sticky, and the color is white muddy. It smells like alcohol which is a bit offensive. It seems neither harsh nor drying.

After cleanse the face, apply a sheer layer to your face. Avoid area around eyes, eyebrows, and hairline where it will be hard to remove the mask. Sit and allow it to dry. Finally, lift up a corner under your chin and peel off lightly in an upward motion. Splash your face with cool water to remove any lingering residue.

It comes in unique sachet packaging which is enough for two uses. Actually it’s a bit messy to take out the mask from its sachet. It may be easier if the product is stored in a tube or in a bottle with a pump. Anyway, the packaging looks so cute and girly. Besides, this could be much handier if you are traveling somewhere.

To be honest, I’m not too keen on peel-off mask. The peeling off experience is fun, but I usually don’t see much difference or improvement. In terms of this product, I feel that my pores look shrink and cleaner. Besides, for a short while after I use, my face feels slightly softer. Overall, it's just an okay mask for me.


Fifi said...

I've always wanted to try these mask packs by VOV but if they do smell like alcohol then I'm gonna pass. I like my mask to be easy on the nose :)

Stephanie said...

Does it contain any alcohol? Always wanted to try this..

mapple said...

@Stephanie, I don't know about the ingredients. The back side of the packaging written in Korean. But it does smells like alcohol