Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Skin Food Seaweed Cleansing Foam

It was my sister who bought Seaweed Cleansing Foam. She chose it simply because her skin type is oily combination, and it matches the product description. So, without further delay, let's see the review.

Product Description
A deep cleanser that gently removes make up with a refreshing feeling. It contains tea tree extract, a natural antibacterial agent and AHA to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells. This refreshing cleansing foam for oily and combination skin removes makeup residue with its rich foam, while cleansing deep down to pores.

It comes in very simple packaging: stored in big tube with labels in the front and back side. I was worry if the label will easily ripped since it looks like being made by recycled paper. But in the fact it is plastic label that looks like recycled paper.

The texture itself is blue-pale colored, creamy and soft. It lathers well. You only need a very tiny size to create much lather. It does have smell, but very mild hence nothing relaxing experience I can get.

Apply desired amount and gently rub in circular motion. Wipe off with tissue or wash off with lukewarm water.

Upon application, my skin looks matte, fresh, and radiant. The pores look cleaner than usual. I think it does cleanse deeply down to pores and get rid the dead skin cells.

the back side

Compared to Mung Bean Facial Foam, it purifies the pores better. But, whenever I use mung bean foam, I always feel it calms down my face and reduce the bumps or early acne I get during my busy day in the office, while I don’t/less get it with by the Seaweed foam.

As per my sister’s comment that has been using it continuously for about one month, she said that the product helps her to stay oil free longer. But her skin becomes slight dryer accordingly. Besides, she feels that this product supports acne healing. The acne dries up faster than usual.


Stephanie said...

thanks for this review! I've been wanting to try this out, but lately my skin has been drying out from the tretinoin :(

I've tried their Tea Tree Oill Cleansing Foam and it gave me acne! Turns out I have a new sensitivity towards TTO. :(

mapple said...

Hi sis! Glad that the review matches your need. I do experience on dry skin, but it's getting better recently. I heard that TTO works by popping out the impurities. After some times, the embedded impurities will disappear and our skin will be better. But not sure anyway ..