Monday, October 18, 2010

Tea Tree Emulsion

Again, my sister bought some Korean beauty stuffs which means new toys for me lol. She bought quiet many things: emulsion, bb cream, hair mist, cleansing foam. Well, her shopping passion seems greater than mine. I'm going to review them one by one. And now it's time for Skin Food Tea Tree emulsion. To be honest I was kind of skeptical with this product. I thought all tea tree product will end up with dried skin. But I'm totally wrong.

Apply evenly after essence and gently tap to absorb.

Emulsion for acne troubled skin with tea tree oil. Effectively controls oil to prevent acne.

The product comes in cute glass bottle of 160ml. I heard that glass packaging is good to keep natural ingredients. The texture is milky white-greenish, lotion-like but more watery which making it easy to pour out of the glass bottle. It spreads and absorbs easily on my skin. Leaving skin feels moist and comfort. Smells tea tree typical but is not overpowering.

It claims to sooth troubled and oily skin with its tea tree oil and willow herb extract that control excess sebum.

The best thing of it is: it keeps the skin oil free longer yet moisturizes properly. When I remove my makeup in the end of the day, my skin doesn't feel dehydrated either. This is very nice to be used as base before bb cream and even for night use.

To be compared with Peach Sake emulsion that I owned, it is much better. It doesn't break me out while the peach sake always end me up with whitehead. The oil control and hydrating properties of tea tree is also better than peach sake.

As per my sister's comment, the tea tree emulsion gives soothing effect to her skin and does reduce the pain and redness of acne. But seems like it does nothing on size of acne.

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