Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Arazyme Powder and Peeling Gel

I had bad acne prone skin and struggled with the acne spots. Getting desperate with this, I found this soap unintentionally in Google. At the beginning I was unsure to buy since I thought I needed a medicine to fight the acne instead of face soap. But now I’ve changed my mind. Good skin is started with the basic: face cleanser.

If the soap doesn’t clean the skin properly, contains harsh or chemical ingredients and tends to dry up, then it will worsen the skin condition and prompts more acne. I heard it’s caused by the dehydrated skin that triggers the sebaceous glands to be overactive. Especially if the skin is covered with dirt, it will develop more acne.

The article stated that Arazyme is very mild since it contains no chemical. It works with enzymatic peeling that will not irritate the skin.

I used two variant of Arazyme: the powder and the peeling gel. The powder is used as the daily cleanser. But, we should not use it more than once a day. Simply create bubbles by mixing a small amount of water and the powder, massage lightly in circular motion, and then rinse it up with tepid water. It smells good.
The peeling gel is to be used twice a week. I loved to use mask after the peeling.
The combination of these two cleansers worked perfectly. I saw clear improvement week by week. The skin texture became smoother, less spots and acne. It also helped to prevent acne.
I have a friend who also used this Arazyme. But it did less with her. How come? I found that she used only the powder and didn’t proceed to the peeling gel. Besides, she also washed the soap used cold water instead of lukewarm water. I guess those reasons were the causes of the dysfunctional Arazyme on her.
Therefore I conclude that the routine and well-instructed application lead to the best result.


Fifi said...

thanks dah mampir blogku yah say
kapan2 deh aku kasih review maskernya..

bener nih ampuh ngatasin jerawat si arazyme ini? tapi kok kayaknya ribet yah mesti pake air hangat segala? hihihi

jadi pengen nyoba nih. bener bagus kan say?

mappleLeave said...

halo Fifi, thanks juga ya udah mampir ..
di aku ampuh say
patut dicoba .. apalagi natural kok bahannya jd ga membahayakan :)

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

wah, beneran sakti ya tu arazymenya?? pengen nyobaaa.. tapi kepentok kantong, hehehe..
ntar lah kalo dah ada bonus..^^
thanks ya buat reviewnya..