Friday, June 26, 2009

Jessie & Rosie Refresh Cleansing Foam

I’ve been using the Jessie and Rosie Refresh Cleansing Foam for a month. This is the first variant that I try from Jessie & Rosie. It comes in 100ml pink tube. The sweet packaging is so tempted.
The way of using this is quiet common: squeeze small amount of foam to wet hand. Rub softly to create bubbles and massage it softly to the whole face. Finish with rinsing it using lukewarm water.

Here is the note stated on the back side of the tube:
"Flower Extracts Complex keeps your skin moisturized after rinsing your face by providing sufficient water.
Phalaenopsis amabilis Extract, Rosmarinus officinalis Extracts keeps your skin revitalized and healthy by soothing your skin and activating skin function."

Phalaenopsis amabilis
Is a variety of orchid growing in Filipina, Indonesia, and Australia. This blossom is also known as moon orchid. This plant extract is used in the cosmetic industry for depigmentation and skin-lightening.

Rosmarinus officinalis
Has various advantages: as anti-microbial, skin conditioning, antioxidant, and used as a base ingredient for fragrance in the cosmetic manufacture. Besides, this plant also has calming effect.

Some people say that their skin tone become brighter after using this product. But me, I personally experience that my skin tone seems to be brighter and clean a moment after my washing time. But in the other time, I see no different with the days before I use Jessie and Rosie Refresh Cleansing Foam. Maybe this is also I already have a bright skin tone, so I don’t see an obvious whitening effect. Besides, its natural botanical ingredients may be a cause why the effect doesn’t come instantly.

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