Thursday, February 10, 2011

Royal Jelly Yellow Soil Foam Cleansing

I was so glad to receive a surprise from my husband who just traveled to Batam. He brought me some stuff from Beauty Credit. What a coincidence! At that moment I was indeed really curious about the brand. My first haul from Beauty Credit was Co-Enzyme Q10 Wrinkle Essence which I got by joining a spree. The essence was quiet good. That’s why I wanted to get my hands on more of its products to give it a try.

My husband was in mall when he saw a cosmetic counter named Beauty Credit. Since he really knew that I liked all of Korean products, he entered the store and finally ended up buying me three things: two pieces of Royal Jelly Yellow Soil Foam Cleansing and one Royal Jelly Yellow Soil Mask Washable. There was a promo program of buy two get three items. That’s why I get two tubes of foam cleansing.

This time I want to review the cleansing foam first. Please take a look.

Royal Jelly Yellow Soil Foam Cleansing
This foam cleansing with nutrition-rich royal jelly and yellow soil that is rich in minerals and effectively controls sebum of the skin, cleans out skin residue by covering the skin with its soft, creamy bubbles.

How to use: Apply appropriate amount and foam at the hands, and massage over the face. Rinse with tepid water. I usually squeeze about 1 cm into my palm and it is more than enough to clean my face

The texture is soft with mild pleasant fragrance which is similar to honey royal jelly. The color is light brown. I guess the color comes from the yellow soil. I tried sample of Green Tea Yellow Soil before and it also has that “soil” yellow texture. It produces lot of creamy lather when being mixed with water.

It leaves my skin feels slightly dry but the skin tone looks radiant, clean and fresh. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer afterwards to replace the moisture lost. Besides, it also helps to control sebum. My face stays oil free longer. The area around my nose is slightly oily but is in control than usual.

My overall rating for this product is 3.8 out of 5 stars

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