Wednesday, February 09, 2011

5 Combine Cereal Cleansing Cream

If your face feels dry and tight after using face cleanser, it might be a sign that your product strips too much natural oil from your skin. A year ago, I received a sample sachet of The Face Shop Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Cream and I loved it so much. The best part is when it (seems like) transformed to be real rice water when I mixed it with water. I love the pleasant scent which smells like natural rice water. Besides, it made my skin became smooth, moist and very comfortable to be touched.

Since the first experiment with cleansing cream was so successful, so I tempted to buy one for myself. After pondering a lot, my choice fell to 5 Combine Cereal Cleansing Cream.

Size 150ml
Suitable for all skin types

Align CenterDescription
This mild yet high-performing cleansing product line contains herb complex as active ingredients.
This refreshing cleanser is formulated for oily skin to remove makeup, excess oil and pore-clogging impurities, leaving skin feeling exquisitely clean and fresh while not overdrying.

Simply massage your face with gentle pressure in a circular movement and tissue or rinse off.

It smells like talcum and creates no lather.

I tried to use it to clean my face which was using BB cream. It cleansed properly but I didn’t find it fixed my skin texture. But when I used it as second step cleansing, it left my face plump and radiant look.

I know that most of the people may use cream cleanser as her first step cleansing. But I personally like to use it as second step. I used to take cleansing milk to remove my makeup first then continue with cleansing cream or foamy cleanser. This is how I ensure myself that I have cleansed my face properly.

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