Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Baviphat Acerola Pure Deep Cleansing Cream

It’s been so long since I wrote something here. I had many things at work to be done and it all really took my time. I have bought some beauty stuff during my writing absence. And now I’m a bit confused about what should be told in advance. I think I’m going to review the Baviphat Acerola Pure Deep Cleansing Cream first.

After I finished 5 Combined Cereal Cleansing Cream by The Face Shop, I started to order another product to replace it. I read an article which says that we should wash our face with mild cleanser in the morning so that it will not wipe out face’s natural moisture. One of mild cleanser type which is recommended in that article was cleansing cream.

To be honest, I’m not a kind of person who is loyal to one product only, unless it really gives me something amazing result. That’s why, instead of bought the same brand, I searched for another brand to try. Finally, because of the cute packaging of Baviphat and the good prices, I decided to pick one of it.

This product is intended to clear skin deep down to the pores and to remove excess oil. It is made from extracts of acerola cherry fruit that brightens dull skin, olive fruit extract and grape seeds which are rich in nutrients, making the skin smooth and healthy moist

Rub over the face with a light massage motion, remove the traces with facial tissue or soft cotton (but in my case, I usually use warm water).

I personally feel that this product is easier to be rinsed than TFS cleansing cream which is thicker and oilier. Once I use this, my skin feels clean and moist.

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