Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bonacure Moisture Kick Shampoo

After read so many girls opinion about some recommended shampoos, I decided to try Bonacure shampoo from schwarzkopf. It is quiet difficult to get it since it is usually not available in stores. But finally I managed to order it from an online shop.

As the beginning, I ordered Bonacure Moisture Kick which is targeted for dry, naturally curly or permed hair (though my hair type is actually normal to oily). It treats hair with:

  • Pro-Vitamin B-3 provides an excellent source of nutrients
  • Pro-Vitamin B-5 provides moisture
  • Amino acid penetrates & repair inner hair structure
  • Milk Q Protein provides vital moisture & nutrition
The scent is very good thus gives relaxing experience of shampooing.

It doesn't lather well. I need to pour a bit much to ensure that I wash all part of my hair properly.

The Result

  • Hair strands feels smooth and moist
  • The moisture is long lasting
  • Hair become more manageable and easy to comb
  • Hair looks more volumized
  • Hair looks shiny yay!
It really seals moisture in hair strands. I do notice that my hair look more shiny and volumized after using it. Besides, it makes my hair strand become less tangle. I was riding motorcycle with my father for about 20 minute without using helmet. But my hair kept tangle free though it was blown by hard wind during the trip.



*~kAy~* said...

nice! I wish I had tangle free hair, especially after bike rides like those! :P
This brand seems to be really good huh :3

Culinary Topics said...

Hi Mapple,
Thank you atas posting2 bagusnya.
Tetap semangat.

mapple said...

Hi Culinary Topics .. thanks ya :D kadang mood ngeblog naik turun. Nanti kalo udah senggang pasti aku post yg baru2. Thanks supportnya ^^

james said...

nice posting.