Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Tea

I drink two cups of green tea everyday: once after my breakfast and once after lunch. I drink more cups whenever I eat fatty food. I started to drink it in order to get its anti-oxidant benefit. Well, I have no idea about do I really get it? But, whether it really gives me the anti-oxidant or not, visibly I can see that it helps to control my weight.

Weight Loss

I was desperately struggle to reduce my fat. Unfortunately, during the weekend I had to meet my ex-boyfriend (now my husband) and we went to the shopping center and ate delicious foods. Many of food sold in the shopping center are modern food, and they are fatty! Unavoidable, I ate those foods and added fat to my hips.

But, since regularly taking two cups of green tea everyday and did exercise once a week, I found that I stayed in an ideal weight. I had no time to do exercise anymore since three months ago. But, since I keep continuing my habit in taking this beverage regularly, I’m still able to maintain my weight to normal though it’s not as slim as when I did exercise.

There are substances found in green tea called catechins that might trigger the weight loss. The catechin stimulates body to be actively burns calories and decreases body fat. Besides, catechin which is a type of polyphenol has also been shown as powerful anti-oxidants that are able to inhibit the cancer cells growth and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Be Selective

Recently we see many ads selling bottled green tea. We need to see if the tea really contains the genuine benefits of green tea or maybe just the taste without the advantages. Moreover, consider the amount of sugar and water contained in the drinks. It’s safer if we use the brewed tea instead of the instant one.


To get the best benefit, don’t directly pour the tea leafs in the hot water since it will destroy the healthful properties. First pour the boiled water into the cup and wait for 2 minutes to get the proper temperature.

Beside of drinking it, sometimes I use it to steam my face. Instead of just use the pure water, I add extra nourishment: green tea and I feel refreshed after that.
Put a basin full of water on the stove to be boiled. Spread 1/4 cup of green tea leafs while reducing the heat of the stove to low. Wait for 5 – 10 minutes before turn off the stove. Add extra essential oil if needed. Clean your face thoroughly and cover your hair using large towel. Stand closely to the basin (about some centimeters from the surface of the water). Let the steam to penetrate your pores for about 5 - 10 minutes.
What else? Try to reuse the green tea bags to compress your tired eyes. Put the cup with tea bags in it in the refrigerator. After being cooled, place it on your eye and let it rest for 15 minutes.


sheri amor said...

I drink green tea everyday too.. sometimes I feel that I get so dehydrated because of the effect that it increases your urge to defecate XD haha, but it's a great anti oxidant right,, bytw.. buko means coconut in the phil. :) love yah!! thanks for dropping by :)

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

I love green tea! ^^
I even use it for scrub and toner (I'm gonna write it in my blog, hehe..)
It's a great way to stay healthy AND beautiful.. ^^ great post!