Thursday, August 13, 2009

Etude Skinfit Base

Now I’m talking about an old product of Etude: Skinfit Base. It is my first Korea skin care. I bought it when the BB cream just set their line in Indonesia and was not too popular. It started from my desperate need of replacing my foundation to something lighter.
My old foundation was too thick thus I often experienced clogged pores and acne. After some researches, I found the girls were talking about gentle base which has lighter consistency so as not to clog pores. Therefore, I decided to try that.
I was cheered up by the sweet packaging. It comes in 40ml transparent bottle with pump, wrapped in lovely pink box.

The texture is creamy with pastel-green color. It blends easily to my skin and boost up my skin tone a level higher. The green color fades out the redness on my skin.
I was happy to use that but a little bothered by its poor oil control and the poor coverage. Finally, I realized that I was misusing the function of the base. As I mentioned before, I hoped this base will replace the function of my old foundation. At least to cover my acne scars. But, in the fact this is designed for a different function.
Makeup base acts to smooth over skin imperfections: enlarged pores, fine lines, etc. it also prepares the skin for make up. Using base helps to strengthen the cosmetic’s colors and hold the makeup longer. Some of them also enriched with SPF as the sun protection.
To use: apply to cleansed and moisturized skin before foundation, or wear alone.

Different Shades
Make up Base comes in various shades such as green, purple, orange, and pink. Different shades effects differently on our skin.
Green shade acts as skin tone correcting. It fades out the red patches caused by sensitivity or blemishes. The green pigment makes the skin tone appears more even.
Purple and pink are suitable to diminish the dullness complexion.
Orange helps to correct darker patches such as dark eye circles.

About my Etude Skinfit base, surely it has no oil control, because it is:
Moisturizing makeup base with SkinFit oil corrects redness in skin
It is available in green and purple to correct skin tone and suitable for dry skin.


Stephanus said...

harganya berapa,say??

mapple said...

@Stephanus .. hi thanks for coming. Udah lupa tepatnya berapa. Kalau ga salah tahun lalu sekitar 200ribu an gitu ^^ said...

Kecantikan memang sungguh berharga ya ce..
Met knal ya ce.. ;)

mapple said...

hi Artasastra! welcome n salam kenal juga :)

Miss K. You said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! Nice review- gentle bases are definitely better for our pores. I like that you explain the different color shades of base :) To answer your question on my safari post, yes the visitors sit in a safari truck and drive up and down this huge mountain of 400 acres to see the animals!

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

I actually want to buy this base in purple (it's great to brightening your skin, making it glowy) and I have seen this base at the mall in Jakarta, but I didn't buy it.. >_<
because at that time I'm concentrating to find BB Cream.. ^^
But reading your post, I become so tempted to buy it, hehe.. ^^
Great review!

mapple said...

@miss K. You thanks for coming. We also have a safari in Indonesia and yes, we also need to ride a car to see the whole zoo ^-^

@Ceecile thanks for reading^^ ya .. Now I'm focusing on the BB cream as well. I rarely use the base since BB cream is more complete for me :">