Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BRTC Ice Green Tea Gel

It is important to keep skin hydrated no matter what is your skin type. People with oily skin may also suffer from dehydration. Even when you find your skin is so oily and need to blot frequently, that doesn’t guarantee you have enough water in your skin. That’s why we need to choose the suitable moisturizer to lock and maintain the water in our skin.
I personally find it’s hard to get the good facial moisturizer. If I use the wrong one, I end up with dull greasy face and it’s so annoying. Some moisturizers strip the moisture and oil which is actually needed by our face. Therefore the skin will produce more oil as its natural resistance. But, a week ago I got BRTC Ice Green Tea Gel which is slightly different.

It is a superior moisturizing gel and makes the skin fresh and moist while helping in soothing care of all skin including troubled one through contained green tea extract.

Main ingredients
Green tea extract (10%), Hyaluronic acid, Aloe extract, Allantoin, Algae extract, Artemisa, Absinthium extract, Achillea millifolium extract


This water extracted green tea gel is targeted for they who have oily skin with dehydration and all skin types.

The green transparent gel absorbed easily to my skin and instantly soothes my skin. This water based gel type moisturizer doesn’t leave sticky feeling. I tried to compare the oil control by using two different face cleansers: BRTC Blemish Soap and Skinfood Honey Black Tea Jelly foam. As mentioned in my older post, BRTC Blemish Soap is specialized to remove the excessive sebum and I really find this liquid soap control the oil on my face properly. While Skinfood Honey Black Tea Jelly foam is a face cleanser which maintains the face moisture. During my observation, I find my face is not over-greasy whether I use the BRTC or Skinfood soap.

There is a light scent of green tea, but not too obvious.
I close the jar immediately after I take the proper amount of the gel since I don’t want it to be contaminated by the air. I’m afraid the anti-oxidant might be broken.

I’ve mentioned, this gel doesn’t lead me to greasiness, but I found some girls said this gel cause too much oil on their skin. So, the oil control properties might be different on people. Since we all have different skin regimen: face cleanser, toner, serum, etc. All of them might contribute the condition. But, gel-type moisturizer is a good step for you who have oily skin since it is oil-free.

So far I find the gel soothes, hydrates, and isn’t over-oily. This gel shall be used after the serum to enhance its benefit. But I think the gel alone should be enough for me since I don’t want to be over-hydration.


  • No sunscreen. So far it’s still acceptable for me since I use the BB cream with SPF
  • Though it claims to contain green tea extract which soothes the troubled skin, but there are no further promises for the treatment. I personally don't find that a bad thing. The non greasy moisturizing properties should be enough to prevent various skin troubles.

Any improvement will be reported soon :)


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

great review! ^^
I love green tea..
I usually use moisturizer in lotion/cream texture, but after your review on this, I think gel type is also OK for our oily skin.. ^^

mapple said...

Hi Ceecile ^^
I love green tea too. Gel typed is more friendly for oily skin. Thanks for reading ..

BT said...

Hi mapple, keep up the good work, it is very informative.

mapple said...

hi BeautyKnot, thanks for coming and thank you for the support (^-^)d

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