Wednesday, August 05, 2009

BRTC Blemish Soap

I was so excited to receive my BRTC Blemish Soap. For you who have not heard about the brand BRTC before, it is a skin care line developed by SkinAmi Korea. It has a set of product line to treat blemish skin, bright care, dermact vital, hydration & soothing, peeling, and perfect V shaper, and protection care. The first BRTC product I tried was BRTC Perfect Calming Cream. It is a product in hydration & soothing line.
Here is the soap’s look:

Can you see there is an image of chemist’s glass/pharmacy glass in a half part? I was curious about the image before reading the soap’s explanation:
Medicated sebum away care
Clarifying & Soothing For the Blemish Skin

Ok, the “medicated” term has a link with the image^^

I found a small paper inside the box mentions about the explanation and instruction of the product. I’ll write it down since I think the explanation mentioned on the paper is so informative.

A soft cleanser with fresh feeling prevents the skin troubles
It is special cleansing foam for the oily or blemish-prone skin that prevents the trouble
Helping cleansing and soothing care

Once I read the text, I thought that this soap is really for me. Yes, it suits my skin type and actually I’m looking for a substitute face cleanser which is better (or maybe as good as) Arazyme.

It is the soft and liquid cleansing foam that eliminates wastes and keratin with the botanical vegetable ingredients. It also keeps the skin tone clear and clean by preventing the removal of skin texture.

I remembered that Arazyme also claims to thoroughly remove keratin. What is keratin? It is a protein that thickens and toughens the skin which also contributes to aging skin.

Now, going to my review:
Like I always do, I got too much on my first pump. The soap is liquid base with green color. I poured some water to make bubbles and applied it on my face. I could smell the fresh scent of tea tree oil. Finally, rinse it up with tepid water, and finish with cold water. In case of not wearing make up, the foam can be applied as first cleanser.

After that, my skin surface felt slippery, does not stiff like the other soap does. I could see the foam was doing well in cleansing up my pores. The noticeable effect of this foam is that it makes my skin becomes less oily than usual. Today, I washed my face using this blemish soap and wearing Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream. My skin started to oil after 4 hours. And I need a little blot during the day. Usually it’s oily faster, 2 hours after my cleansing time. Other visible effect is that it makes my acne becomes bumpy, do not inflame like it was. The classic effect I always get whenever I use tea tree oil. I hope it’s a sign of healing.

That’s all that I can share during my observation. I’ll share more once I get new invention about this BRTC Blemish Soap. I love it so far ^^


Onik said...

jadi ingin coba juga sabunnya :)
jarang beli sabun muka yg liquid soalnya merasa lebih boros hehe...
soalnya pernah pake TBS tea tree facial wash maupun yg foaming cleanser, lebih irit yg foaming cleansing :)

mapple said...

hi Onik ^^ thanks for coming
kalo aku sabun liquidnya ga dibikin busa dulu karena biasanya jatuh2. Langsung ditemplokin ke muka trus digosok. Jadi ga kebuang hahaha ..