Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Got Tagged : 6 Things that Makes Me Happy

I wrote this post as my response to Ceecile in her “6 Things that Makes Me Happy”. Writing this was like a way to boost my mood, and indirectly reminded me why I should be thankful. I knew at least two girls who wrote a same topic. It’s like a continuing circle to give a light happiness to other. Why? Surely because everyone who reads this kind of post also might think about what 6 things that makes them happy. So, they are boosting their mood as well. Thanks to Ceecile for giving me the tag


He is the best place to go. Whenever we find no one or nothing can be relied on, God is the best


My husband, the best friend ever. My parent and siblings, they are the best!


It’s nice to hang out with true friends. Easy chit-chat, jokes, and/or deeper conversation really give colors to my life

Skin Care
Using skin care is like pampering me and a way to honor myself

I think all women love to shop. It’s nice to have something in our shop bag to be tried once we get home, right?! I’m not that shopaholic. Buying several important things and not being overbudget is still acceptable I guess

Clean house
Dirty house is not comfortable to stay. I love to keep my house clean and tidy so it’s comfort enough to be lived in

You see, there are simple things that make me happy. Of course there are a lot more. But for this post, I write the 6 only. How about you? Let’s think about the 6 things that make you happy. Finding out what makes us happy is like seeing that happiness is something very common in our life ..

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Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

great post!! ^^
I love your "6 things that make you happy".. Shopping is also one of my fave thing to do.. hehe.. (of course lah..) =)