Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tony Moly Berry Berry Cleansing Foam

I got a sample size of Tony Moly Berry Berry Complex Cleansing Foam. This is my first adventure with Tony Moly. Just like some other Korean brands, it comes with nice sweet packaging and the products seem natural.
The one I got comes from Berry Berry line which offers nutritious berry extract to treat the skin. It is specialized for whitening and moisturizing. Beside of the cleansing foam, it also has essence, whitening pack, eye cream, lipstick, etc.

tony moly between my samples treasure

The sample I got looks like a miniature of the real tube. It will last for days since I use a very tiny amount each time I use it. Generally I say that it’s a bit similar to Jessie & Rosie Cleansing Foam. The texture is soft creamy with white pearly color. I find that it is hardly foaming when I mix it with water on my palm. So I try to directly apply onto my damp face. The second way works better. It produces rich lather and effectively cleanses my skin without dry it out. The foam itself is white. As usual, I rub the foam in circular motion to dissolve and remove dirt on my face. Then I finish it by rinsing it off with tepid water. It carries light scent which is so refreshing.
Look at what the label says:
Berry Berry
Removes makeup impurities from deep pores with an effect of smooth and rich foam and contains berry complex to provide elasticized and healthy moisturizing skin.

The real look of tony moly

The skin looks clean and freshly matte. It leaves no tightness feeling. I do think that it helps to calm down my tired skin. The bumps are a bit fading away. I find no breakout or irritation. It also doesn’t lead me to oilier face.
So far I use it as my second step cleansing since I don’t think that foam cleanser can be powerful enough to remove the makeup properly.


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

great review! ^^ oya, have you tried tony moly BB cream?? I read that they're pretty good.. ^^

mapple said...

@Ceecile .. nice to see you! I have no much time to maintain my blog lately. But receiving your comment has been brighten up my day ^-^
I haven't tried it yet, and find no review about it. But I think that they may have good bb creams (the cleansing foam is quiet nice)

mandy said...

I just got a sample for this cleanser too! Now I'm not as hesitant to try it :)

mapple said...

@Mandy thanks for visiting me and happy trying :)

sheri amor said...

did you have a bad weekend mapple? huhu I hope ur okay:) im glad my story made you somehow feel refreshed

mapple said...

Sheri!! Thanks for caring me ^^ I was so glad to enter the weekend. Need a refreshing after a week full of job :) Thank you