Monday, November 02, 2009

Awesome Girl Award from Fifi

When I started to read girls’ blogs, Fifi was one of the blogs I visited. She writes many girls stuffs and nice reviews on products that makes me enjoy reading it. The time flew and I rarely opened her blog until someday she dropped comment on my page. Not only that, she also passed me an award ^__^ I was so glad to receive it!
Here is the award. I love the design

As the rule of the award, I need to share the 10 facts about myself, so here they are:

  1. During my childhood, I had some collections such as fun stickers, key holders, and fun images I found in magazines. I would cut them and stored it in my box. But now I can’t find them anymore

  2. I’m not good in choosing shoes. I have a friend who has a great taste of shoes model. She always has sweet shoes, while I seldom go to the shoes counter since I don’t know which one will suit me. I always end up choosing casual common shoes

  3. I always get my hair cut as shaggy or layer style. I go to many hair salons and they all give me shaggy or layer cut

  4. I had some pen friends until my high school ages. After that the e-mail technology became a trend and I never used postal mail anymore to keep in touch with my friends. I lost contact with some of them

  5. I have two closest friends. We were friend since in the university and people often call us power puff girls

  6. Most of my money was spent on skin cares, and I think it's worth it

  7. I can’t ride a motorcycle

  8. I will never want to see horror movie

  9. Two products on my wish list are the skin food parsley & mandarin emulsion and aloe bb cream. I wish somebody will give it to me for free wahahahha ..

  10. I wish I can learn about web design someday

Hmm.. that's all about my facts. I hope you enjoy it though I'm not sure if they're interesting ^^
Next, I want to tag these girls

Hope you like it girls...


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

congratz for the award, mapple! ^^
I have 2 closest friend here in college,too.. and we were called as the "Trio Diva", hahaha..
I love skincare,too! I just can't resist myself, hehe.. ^o^

poetry levianny said...

thank you so much mappllleeeee :) :)