Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Platinum Grape Cell Essence and Cream

Few days ago, a friend of my husband went to Korea. And as you can guess, I didn’t waste the opportunity to ask her bought me some beauty haul. I actually gave her some list of stuff to buy, but unfortunately she only managed to buy one: Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream from The Skin Food. And as I often hear that store in Korea love to reward customer with many samples, my haul was also flooded with product samples gift.

my haul with samples gift

Since I bought the Platinum Grape BB Cream, so I decided to try the samples which came from the same range at first. I usually use Egyptian Magic Cream as my night treatment. But last night I decided to leave my EMC for a while and tried essence and cream of Platinum Grape Cell instead.

Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Toner & Emulsion Mini Gift Set

How I used it:
After used my toner, i waited until it rather dried, then I applied the essence. And after that I waited some minutes more before added a layer of the cream on it.

It felt slightly sticky upon application but then gradually disappear after about 30 minutes later. To be compared to Etude Moistfull cream, these products are less sticky and more comfortable for me.
I did not wake up with severe oily face in the next day. My face felt moist. I only got slight grease excess around my nose.

I also used both of the products as moisturizer before applying the Platinum Grape Cell BB Cream (just want to know how it feels to use products in a same line), and the result is good. There is no excess oil. My skin tone looks natural and quiet stable until I leave my office.
For detail description about the essence you may see here


aMz88 said...

nice post :) i have not tried any SF prod yet hmmm
Im having a Giveaway Pls Join ;D

galleryibu said...

can't wait to try this new line of skin food.. in fact i didn't know that they have the bb cream version of platinum grape.. i hope you review more about the bb cream with the swatch

mapple said...

@aMz88 sure i'll check your giveaway! thx for the info :D

@galleryibu I have planned to review the BB Cream but I'm still waiting for some time before I can see it objectively^^