Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fresh Juice C Emulsion

Hey, I just finished a sachet of The Skinfood Fresh Juice C Emulsion. Besides cleanser, I'm also keen to try various types of moisturizers. That’s why I was so excited when I received this sample.

This skin-brightening cream contains fruit complex extracts with vitamin C and nano-processed vitamin C derivatives to revitalize skin. It also contains arbutin to keep skin looking radiant and vibrant.

The Fresh Juice C claims to bring brightening effects, hydrates, and moisturizes at the same time. The texture is fresh, lightweight, absorbs promptly, and has mild citrus smell. It left no sticky residue on the skin and it hydrates my skin pretty well. But you know, Korean creates many types of moisturizer that actually meant to be used altogether. So if you intend to obtain a durable moisturizing effect, you should use not only this emulsion, but also combine it with the cream and serum.

Since I have oily combination skin, I sometimes get pimples. But honestly I never used acne medication treatment since none of them is effective for curing my zits. Instead, my zits actually healed if I apply a moisturizer that contains high doses of vitamin C. Therefore I also want to see if this Fresh Juice C emulsion is effective to heal my pimple. Unfortunately it did nothing with my zits. It even didn’t dry up as I expected. BRTC Vitalizer C cream did it even better. The BRTC dries up my zits only in a night. Well, maybe I need more applications before I can see improvement with my zits. But unfortunately the contents of my sachet had been empty.

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